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Most individuals have heard of sump pumps or even use them routinely. A sump pump can quickly and effectively keep a wet basement or crawl space dry all the time. They also can be used when a homeowner experiences a torrent of water unexpectedly, either from significant rainfall or melted snow, or even a broken pipe. 

sump pump is a relatively simple machine. It simply collects unwanted water into a basin inside it. Some homeowners find that the elevation of their property is such that it can be near or above the groundwater table and therefore require these all the time. 

Parts are not all that complex but a basic understanding of a pump is needed to ensure one is installed properly. Sump pumps can last years, and many times only a part replacement is needed if problems arise in the functioning. 

Foundations can be impacted when water is constantly present or is voluminous due to outside occurrences. Sump pumps can be used after a fire to clear water damage from the containment. 

Sump pumps are so common they can be purchased from “Big Box” or home goods stores, but unless consumers know how to choose and operate them, they can fail to do a proper job. 

What to Look for in a Quality Sump Pump? 

Much of the decision to install a sump pump revolves around knowing the area size that must be kept dry. This, of course, depends upon the size of each property. Too large a pump simply wastes money, while too small a pump will not dry an area enough. 

 Pointers are thus:

  • Ensure correct measurements

If a great handyman, a homeowner can choose to DIY the choice of a sump pump. Some individuals can also do the installation correctly, but not by many. Wrangling with an uncooperative and ill-purchased sump pump is very frustrating. 

  • Shop around for brands

Not all are created equally. The most affordable is not usually the highest quality, and a good sump pump should last years. Research thoroughly! 

  • Check on warranties

Quality sump pumps do usually come with warranties. Since installation, especially self-installation, can take some time, an immediate failure is excruciating. If a lot of water needs immediate removal, this is twice as heartbreaking. 

  • Look for energy efficiency. 

Some pumps simply are more energy efficient than others. Since they are powered by electrical current, this concerns some homeowners, especially if they must run continuallyMost professional basement waterproofing experts, such as Basement Waterproofing Gurus of Lancaster, PA, will recommend that a battery backup pump be chosen in case of a power failure. Horrific water seepage must not be interrupted at any cost. 

  • Check the safety rating of the sump pump

Yes, these exist, as they are not toys and can be dangerous if incorrectly purchased or installed. The SSPMA (Sump and Sewage Pump Association) regulates the use and safety of these machines.  Since the water can be discharged through a garden hose or other methods, and they are electrically powered, this is a necessity. However, certified basement waterproofing experts discourage buying one online from an unknown vendor. 

Professional Installation of Sump Pumps

This is the best course of action. Many issues can arise with the incorrect installation of a pump. In addition, a professional company such as Basement Waterproofing Gurus will thoroughly clean the area. This is crucial. sump pump

There are many steps involved in the installation and even the necessary equipment needed. Incorrect installation can be hazardous and even do the opposite of water removal by allowing groundwater to enter around the pump. FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) goes into a great deal on the steps and equipment needed for safe installation. A great basement waterproofing company will be aware of all updates and regulations. 

Conclusion–Sump Pump Safe Usage for Water Remediation

Unwanted water in any basement or crawl space will eventually cause damage to a home. It may not be apparent at first. All homeowners should consider the installation of a sump pump, even with minor water seepage. The damages that can be caused far outweigh the costs of the pump. 

It is always recommended that a professional such as Basement Waterproofing Gurus be consulted at the very least. All consultations are free, financing is available, and a 24-hour emergency service is available. A form exists on the website, but a toll-free number also exists 1-800-834-6584.

Maintenance of a sump pump should be done at least yearly with a solid inspection of all parts. The investment in the pump will pay off by doing this, and headaches with unwanted water will be prevented! 

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