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    “Basement Gurus exceeded my expectations. In addition to improving the drainage system around my basement, mold was removed and basement walls and ceiling was painted. An egress window was installed and the basement was put back in better condition than when the work was started.”

    Kathleen P.

    Hatboro, PA

    “From the beginning of the project to the end, Basement Gurus made the process feel painless. They gave me a clear understanding of what remedies were necessary to fix my foundation and ensured that all of my expectations would be met. The contracted workers were timely, considerate, clean, and personable. I would strongly recommend Basement Gurus for any waterproofing work and will be using them as often as necessary in the future.”

    Benjamin Cerniglia

    “I cannot express how grateful I am for the service that Basement Gurus provided. They are super professional, answered every question, the work and advice that they offer is exceptional and effective. My Basement used to be moldy, now we are averaging 40 to 45 humidity eliminating the mold issue completely. I can’t thank them enough for their help.”

    Brent K.

    For anyone looking to get waterproofing done in their home: I moved into my house about two years ago and would get floods in my basement during every storm. I tried to fix it myself environmentally but failed in my attempts. I then decided to finally fix the problem and get my basement waterproofed. Being relatively new to Delaware, I put in a request to get free estimates. I had a few companies come out to look at it and narrowed my choices down. I was down to Basement Waterproofing Specialists (BWS) and Basement Gurus. The difference was the representative from Basement Gurus had a more natural approach and took the time to ask numerous questions, as the other representatives asked little to no questions. The Basement Gurus representative suggested to fix internally AND externally, plus they even added a lateral system in my basement. No other company felt to even thought of a lateral systems or external drainage, or to even ask about it. I could not speak more highly of the representative and his team at Basement Gurus, they took the time to explain every step and the process before and during the installation to keep me involved with what was going on. The crew was extremely polite and respectful of my house, they were very efficient and they *did not play games* for lack of a better word. lol The very next day we had heavy rains, which I was excited to test out my waterproofing system! During and after it rained there was not even a single drop of water in my basement or laundry room. The representative even had his team remove and replace all of the studs that had become moldy and also put in new mold-resistant drywall. Basement Gurus treated us as if we were family and for anyone looking to get waterproofing done in their house, call Basement Gurus, they truly stand themselves apart from the competition!

    Troy D.

    Wilmington, DE

    One of the best experiences I have had as a homeowner, hands down. In February 2020, we had a flood in our basement due to a clog in the sewage pipe. At the time, we did not realize that this had caused mold to spore. Our home started to have a strange smell and soon we made a realization that we had to do something about it. We remembered that we had previously been given a quote for waterproofing and mold remediation by the Basement Gurus (following excellent work we had done by Roof Gurus). They did not pressure us to do anything or try to up-sell. There was no icky/slimy sales rep feeling. Just natural, human connection with the customerâ s best interest in mind. These guys came in and gave us service at a fraction of the cost and ten times the friendliness of the larger competitors – no price gouging. Whenever I think of a home project, I will think of the Gurus (Roof Gurus, Basement Gurus etc.). They have always been willing to come give estimates or simply investigate an issue – even when it has turned out to be not 100% related their service area. I come from a 10 year background of customer service so trust me when I say these guys are the real deal. Quality work, quality products & excellent customer service that I will never forget.

    Bacon B.

    Philadelphia, PA

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