‘Slush and Mush’ Needs Emergency Services Waterproofing

Whether you are staying home this summer and having a predominantly “staycation” or going to a cookout or party, the weather is not looking good this year. Although there will be some sunny moments, it was a much warmer Memorial Day in 2023 (and drier, too), and most of May seems to be forecasted as wetter).  

Unfortunately, to add to the misery, a wet basement and a damp and soggy backyard are not what any homeowner wants to encounter on the kickoff of the BBQ season! And basements and backyards fill quickly with runoff water during periods of heavy rain.

The startling tornadoes that can appear suddenly along the East Coast, in PA, and in surrounding states are relatively well known. Even if not experiencing a tornado, April and May along the East Coast showed more rainfall than previous years. Just turning on any weather station confirms this.

Even if not hit by bad weather on the day of a planned outing or worse yet, when you are away on vacation, just knowing your basement and yard are flooded or can be flooded does not make the festivities that enjoyable, as this does play on your mind!

Savvy homeowners consider that any basement can become a “wading pool” at any time and any backyard a “mudslide.” Waterproofing and drainage are always recommended, saving time, money, and heartache.

These measures can prevent flooding for a lifetime or at least decades, so why risk having a flooded basement or outdoor area around your home?

No need to panic if you haven’t done any waterproofing. Emergency services in your area will respond in 24 hours or less and whip up the perfect solutions, whether indoor or outdoor approaches.

The warmer weather is also a great time to think about stopping water before it impacts your home or even having a “spring maintenance checkup” on your existing waterproofing efforts. You can enjoy being outside while the workers do the work!

You can put the boots, gloves, mops, and brooms away by being proactive instead of reactive. Give your home the love it deserves, preserve the value, and, of course, the health of the residents.

Better safe than sorry is the motto for all waterproofing of basements and crawlspaces, especially at the beginning of the summer season. Basement Gurus have decades of experience in this location and provide a free evaluation. Phone calls are also welcomed at 1-800-834-6584.

The “best defense against damp basements is a good offense”—use the number one basement and crawlspace waterproofing company, Basement Gurus!