Basement and Crawlspace Waterproofing in York, PA—Insulation of Ceilings

Most homeowners who experience leakage into a basement or crawlspace in York, PA, realize that a waterproofing expert is needed. Inspections include interior and exterior evaluations, with the installation of drains, sump pumps, and piping systems. The sealing of cracks and even the waterproofing of walls via specialized paint is expected. 

What is generally not expected is that the ceiling of a basement or one above a crawlspace can be a source of much water, seepage, and undue humidity. If the basement ceiling is not checked thoroughly during a waterproofing evaluation, it leaves the home open to bacteria, mold growth, fungus, and even water being trapped by seeping into the upper flooring. 

The amount of water that becomes trapped in a basement ceiling is dependent on many factors. The type of ceiling counts, as some are more porous than others. Types of materials also come into play. Some ceilings lack insulation and vapor barriers. Unheated basements have a tendency to trap humidity and vapors in the basement or crawlspace ceilings. 

According to, vapor barriers or “retarders” are used in most homes in the ceilings of basements to ensure air quality and, of course, moisture control. It can be an environmental issue and a health issue. 

Quality basement and crawlspace waterproofing companies near York, PA, such as Basement Gurus, do indeed check the basement ceiling and remedy any problems in insulation or in barriers that may be faulty or non-existent. 

How to Tell If a Basement Ceiling is Insufficiently Insulated

 Some signs are obvious, and some that are more subtle. This brief list can assist homeowners when determining if a basement ceiling is causing health problems and even water seepage into a basement. 

Moisture trapped in a ceiling can travel downwards along the walls and cause pooling of water in a basement, not to mention the negative impacts improperly insulated basement ceilings can have on the upper floor of a home. 

Basement Gurus will look for the following signs of seepage or humidity in a basement ceiling:

  • Stains

This is a dead giveaway of trapped water or moisture inside a basement ceiling. The stains can be small but are indicative of seepage. 

  • Drips or puddles

Small drips can be seen, and puddles on a basement floor or in a crawlspace mean there is trapped water or moisture in the ceiling if no other problems exist. 

  • Bubbled paint, wallpaper, or cracked ceiling paint

All ceilings should be smoother looking with no cracks, bubbling, or even sagging. 

  • Sagging ceiling panels

This shows a significant amount of water seepage or humidity buildup and needs attention immediately

  • Ceiling fixtures that are wet

This is dangerous as fixtures such as lights and light switches are electrical in nature. Again, immediate evaluation is needed by Basement Gurus

  • Insect infestations

This occurs routinely in basement ceilings and crawlspaces that are not thoroughly waterproofed. Insects such as cockroaches and other really nasty pests love dark, wet, dank, and humid spaces. 

Infestations then spread through a home quickly. It is not something most homeowners consider, but it is a very serious problem with wet basement ceilings and crawlspaces as these are closer to the outdoors. 

  • Sagging first floors 

Any first-floor unevenness or sagging means that a homeowner generally has basement or crawlspace water ceiling seepage. Water does build up, and a sagging or tilting first floor indicates another serious problem. 

Summary– Basement and Crawlspace Waterproofing in York, PA—Insulation of Ceilings

As noted in the article, basement ceilings and crawlspaces are part and parcel of a full evaluation. It is impossible to prevent all water from a basement or crawlspace and all damage to a home or property unless the ceiling of a basement is also evaluated. 

Basement Gurus, who serve the York area and are nearby, give a thorough and free evaluation. Financing options exist with zero percent interest, and there is a quick form on the website and, of course, a phone number. 

Emergency services exist from this family-owned and operated business of thirty years, but the wisest course of action is to set up an evaluation before an emergency happens. 

Time is the enemy when dealing with a wet basement or crawlspace that needs waterproofing. The faster issues are found, the less expensive and extensive the solution by Basement Gurus. 

Call now: 1-800-834-6584 before those raindrops and other water fall on your head and invade your Basement! Look upwards from time to time when in a basement and let the Basement Gurus ensure all is well with your basement ceiling.