Types of Waterproofing Drainage Systems in Lancaster, PA

Lancaster, PA, is really not known for its terrible rainfalls or flooding. In addition, many homes do not have basements or crawlspaces, but this does not mean that water and humidity are not a problem, as these elements are.

There are several types of drainage systems available to the residents of the Lancaster area through Basement Gurus, LLC. Drainage systems depend upon whether or not a basement or crawlspace exists.

There is also sometimes a need for both inside and outside drainage systems when a property has a basement or crawlspace and yet is below the water table to a point where absolute control of seepage of outside water is necessary to preserve the inside or a residence and protect the foundation.

With this said, it is important to determine the type of drainage system needed. Basement Gurus, LLC does offer a free evaluation before suggesting any type of drainage system. Since there are many proven types of drainage systems, indoor and outdoor drainage needs to be discussed first and foremost.

Inside Drainage Systems 

These were covered in the previous articles on all the components, but here’s a short review, and this depends on whether a basement or crawlspace exists:

  •    Sump pumps

As the name implies, these are pumps that are either used one time or become a permanent fixture. A flooding experience such as a broken pipe or an unusual torrential downpour would lead to one-time usage, while some basements or crawlspaces, if large especially, need one to run consistently.

  •    Fans

Fans placed strategically keep moisture from building up and can dry up any water or moisture that remains in a basement or crawlspace after the bulk of the water is cleared out. This prevents mold and fungus from forming.

  •    Sealants

Every crack and crevice inside and out needs to be repaired or sealed. Many types of sealants, from cement to silicon to glue, can be used, but even the tiniest of holes or cracks must be sealed.

  •    Vent control measures 

Many newer homes and some older ones have vents that allow air from the outside into the home. While this may keep a home cooler, it also leads to moisture allowance and humidity allowance in a home.

Basement Gurus, LLC will evaluate all vents to see if they are installed properly to block out excess water and humidity.

  •    Inside drains

For serious and recurring inside basement water issues, an inside drain may be placed at the farthest end of the basement. This allows the water to flow downwards using gravity and into the drain and out of the basement.

Sealant waterproofing

Outside Drainage Systems 

These are common in Lancaster, PA, since the lack of a basement or crawlspace is common. Foundations and the soil surrounding a home can be impacted by excess water, so outside drainage waterproofing is sought by many residents.

  •    Swale drains

These are simply ditches dug alongside a property to help redirect the flow of water into the ground and away from the property’s foundation. Filled with gravel, dirt, sand, or rocks, these are quite common in Lancaster, PA.

  •    Point drains

These look like grids and can also be used inside as they perform by drawing the water to the drain using the slope of the flooring or landscaping. These have many uses, even in sheds, decks, and patios. These can be used at midpoints of a floor or outdoor space.

  •    HDPE drains

High-density polyethylene drains are tubular and can resemble piping. The water flows through the drain after a trench is dug and is then rerouted back into the ground. These are newer but gaining in popularity due to their durability.

  •    Cast-in-place drains

These are most common in commercial properties but can be seen in larger homes sometimes. A trench is dug, and a cast is made that is filled with cement. There is framing involved, and these are quite expensive

Summary—Types of Waterproofing Drainage Systems in Lancaster, PA 

Whether an indoor system for basements and/or crawlspaces or an outdoor system, it is important to choose a company with decades of experienceHomeowners with no experience should leave waterproofing to experts.

All outside drains will need to have a trench dug, and the length and width will determine the price, so it is important to consult with an established basement waterproofing company such as Basement Gurus, LLC.

Inside the basement, waterproofing, if done poorly, can cause more damage than anticipated. Only experts such as Basement Gurus, LLC should be called for a free evaluation before any work starts. Prices are affordable, and the initial evaluation is always free! After all, it is one of the biggest investments of anyone’s life.