Storm Problems in Lancaster, PA– Basement and Crawlspace Waterproofing 

Although not as cold or snowy as some parts of PA, Lancaster does experience sudden onslaughts of water, even with a few inches of snow. This is because many areas are below the water table. Ground seepage occurs as well as some parts of this area are arid, with no ability to absorb sudden water quickly. 

The time to address basement and waterproofing issues is, of course, before they become a problem. This does not mean that help is not available in the Lancaster area, as Basement Gurus with decades of experience provide emergency services when needed. 

Not only is sudden snow melt a problem, but high winds and other factors can cause issues in PA during the winter. These include power failures, foundational cracking, and pipes that freeze. 

Storm Problems Which Cause Basement and Crawlspace Water Damage

Although all problems cannot be avoided, they can be remedied. Severe flooding that occurs is not 100 percent preventable and can occur in Lancaster, PA. It is important, though, to know which problems can be addressed and how these can be prevented.  

Having a free evaluation from Basement Gurus is the first start, but below are listed some of the more common problems found. The most common problems found include:  

  •    Pipe discharge

Even a small leak in any pipes throughout a basement can lead to serious seepage and flooding eventually of a basement, especially if many pipes are involved. Pipe joints may simply be loose, or some can develop rust and cracks. Sealing and strengthening pipes throughout a basement or those leading through a crawlspace prevents undue amounts of water leakage.  

  •    Sump pump failure

Sump pumps are a standard approach to keeping basements dry and crawlspaces moisture-free. They are usually used with dehumidifiers. Sump pumps can fail during power outages, so a backup sump pump is a good addition for winter weather water problems. 

There are many types of sump pumps, and while electric ones are most commonly used, non-electric ones are available as backups. A good discussion on sump pumps should be done with Basement Gurus.

  •    Clogged drains 

Both interior and exterior drainage systems need to be checked for clogs or blockages and cleared immediately. Leaves, dirt, and debris gather quickly in drains. The slope of each drain also needs to be checked to ensure settling hasn’t occurred and water is flowing smoothly and rapidly to the drain for removal. 

  •    Gutters and downspouts

While this is generally thought of as the job of a roofer or gutter expert, the truth is that a good basement and crawlspace waterproofing contractor will also check for faults in a gutter and downspout system. Pooled water outside a property due to a gutter and downspout problem eventually causes foundation damage and water seepage into a home. 

  •    Failures in foundations

Any cracks or buckling of a foundation, as well as settling, can be disastrous and not only lead to water seepage and flooding but actually impair the home to the degree that it loses value and can be dangerous. All cracks and any oddities in a foundation need inspection. 

  •    Frozen pipes

During any “cold snap,” there is always the chance that pipes will freeze in a home. Basements and crawlspaces, being underground, are most prone to this, and therefore, the pipes can freeze to the point of bursting, unleashing a torrent of water that many homeowners do not become aware of immediately. 

The only sign of a burst pipe can be a “hissing” noise, and by the time a homeowner notices, there can be serious flooding issues in a basement. 

  •    Window wells and stairwells

Much overlooked, a poorly placed window well or a stairwell with cracks can allow a tremendous amount of water into a basement or crawlspace when abrupt weather occurs. Outside stairwells are common in many basements in Lancaster, PA, and although cracks can be noticed, homeowners do not necessarily realize how much water these allow into a basement. 

The same goes for window wells. While window wells can be seen out of, they are still lower ground than upper-floor windows, and the pooling of water does occur if it is not tightly affixed to a property and sealed from the elements. 

Summary–Storm Problems in Lancaster, PA– Basement and Crawlspace Waterproofing 

Winter can be brutal in Lancaster, PA. However, flooding adds to the problem of surviving winter. A beautiful season, it also carries some problems for homeowners, especially with basement and crawlspace waterproofing. 

Basement Gurus are on hand with a free estimate before or even after a basement and crawlspace waterproofing problem rears its ugly head. 

Licensed and insured, this firm stands by all its work and is immediately available, even via phone, for routine work or emergency services. Simply call 1-800-834-6584.

Warm, dry, and waterproof makes winter enjoyable!