Mold Does Love the Summer and Needs Removal from All Basements

It goes without saying that mold can grow in a basement or crawlspace at any time of the year. The reality is though, that mold takes hold more in the summer as there is heat, humidity, and downpours of rain.

Mold also becomes more noticeable to homeowners in the summer, as the smell becomes more apparent in the heat for one reason: homeowners spend more time outdoors.

During the colder months, homeowners can become “nose blind” to mold. But when coming in from the great outdoors, any smells in the summer become apparent when reentering a home. Summer is a time when homeowners often decide to clean out their junk and may enter a basement area for the first time in a few months.

Since mold is insidious and not spotted easily until it is severe, a great basement waterproofing company should always check for unseen mold issues as it is not just unsightly, it can be a health hazard.

Mold loves to play “hide and seek” in crevices and cracks, and cause damage to foundational walls either inside or outside. Even a minor drip or leak from rain can be the beginning of a serious basement mold issue.

A small drip or leak from a floor above the basement can start mold on a journey to invade and grow, and once you smell mold it most likely has a significant hold on any underground spaces, including the basement ceiling, window wells, and crawlspaces.

Some mold is generally missed even when purchasing a newer home, as, unfortunately, it is common practice for what building house flippers call “paint and pretend.”

In other words, rather than go through the trouble of removing the mold and waterproofing they crack out waterproof paint and go over the walls and perhaps ceiling with it, as well as crawlspaces.

Some mold, like black mold, can be more dangerous than other species, but all mold can cause health problems, especially in individuals with allergies.

But do you want to actually live in a home with mold or any type of fungus growing beneath you, and do you want visitors to your home to notice the musty and dank smell? Most individuals do not and nipping mold and fungus growth through waterproofing will keep it at bay for years if not decades!

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