Lancaster, PA Soil/Pressure Problems Affecting Basement/Crawlspace Waterproofing 

Lancaster, PA, is not known for a lot of snow or ice, even in the winter months, as it is more Southeastern than other parts of PA. However, water tables and soil erosion, as well as dig-outs done in the spring, can affect even the best waterproofing, even when maintained. 

The residents of Lancaster enjoy planting and landscaping botany of all types. Quite a bit of the area is also agricultural. This means soil displacement or loose soil. This winter has been colder than last year, with more precipitation. This means freezing and thawing quickly as temperatures change rapidly. Fluctuations that are quick lead to an ability of water soil stability absorption. 

Basements and crawlspaces can even become leaky without the presence of heavy rains or obvious flooding. Ice dams that thaw out quickly soon find their way around a home’s perimeter in soil that was recently dislodged or because of hydrostatic pressure problems. 

It is imperative to have Basement Gurus do a complete evaluation before the winter months or even during the winter months as the air turns colder. Water of any type, even a small amount, freezes at 32 degrees F and can defrost at only one point above that. This can lead to leaks in crawlspaces and basements, especially with puddling and pressure problems outside a property.

Soil/Pressure Problems Affecting Basement and Crawlspace Waterproofing

  • The Clay Bowl Effect

Excavation occurs routinely in properties and homes when installing a new deck, shed, or extension. Work is needed on a foundation, or plumbing and water lines can need repair, as can sewer lines. Even minor landscaping can create water pooling and then seepage. This creates what is called a “clay bowl effect.” The soil is soft and creates a bowl outside a property. 

The pooling of water occurs in very soft, dug-up soil, and the “clay bowl effect” terminology specifically refers to soil rich in clay; Clay is very soft. But any dug-up soil is looser and softer, and the term applies to any home where digging or excavation occurred prior. A bowl of soil is produced, and the water becomes trapped and presses against a home, infiltrating it. Improperly sloped sidewalks can cause the “clay bowl effect” as water flows toward a home and softens the soil. 

Backfilled soil, no matter how well pressed, is not as hardened or as dense as soil that has been present for years or decades. Time tightens soil, and it becomes harder and more water resistant than recent backfilling, excavation, or dugouts.  

  • Hydrostatic Pressure Problems 

This term can refer to many types of engineering, scientific, and construction projects. It is simply a measurement of gravity that forces water or other liquids toward a home using the natural pull of gravity. It’s a term used by physicists but is known to construction companies, especially basement, and crawlspace waterproofing companies such as Basement Gurus

The slope is involved here, too, as groundwater that rises above the level of a basement will be pushed into the basement or crawlspace via hydrostatic pressure. Simply roll a golf ball down a hill, and it will keep rolling until it either stops at a hard surface, or will roll into a hole, or off an incline. This is a simple explanation of hydrostatic pressure at work in basement and crawlspace waterproofing. 

Hydrostatic pressure problems can tie into the “clay pool effect” and are rather prevalent in Lancaster and all of PA, as the state is one of many peaks and valleys and many levels of land tables. 

Digging, landscaping, excavation, and repairs add to the problems of both the “clay pool effect,’ and hydrostatic pressure problems. Both the “clay pool effect” and hydrostatic pressure problems can not be noticed immediately until a basement experiences leakage at the spots where the problems are occurring. 

Summary–Lancaster, PA Soil/Pressure Problems Affecting Basement/Crawlspace Waterproofing 

A good basement waterproofing and crawlspace contractor needs to be called if any problems occur, even in a previously waterproofed basement or crawlspace. Only a licensed and insured company with decades of experience, such as Basement Gurus, should be contacted as “clay pool effects” and hydrostatic pressure problems can be difficult to detect. 

Free estimates are available, and a thorough inspection and analysis will be done. While most homeowners are familiar with the basics of some types of waterproofing, only a seasoned company can detect “clay pool effects” and hydrostatic pressure problems, as a history of recent work done on the property needs evaluation. 

There is no need to worry needlessly about water seepage, even when it seems odd! Call the “Gurus” today and put your mind at ease if experiencing a leaky basement or crawlspace @ 1-800-834-6584