Lancaster Foundation Waterproofing—A Crucial Component

Many times water seepage does not occur like a torrent in basements. It can be insidious and build up for many years without being noticed. In addition, quite a few homes in Lancaster do not have basements or even crawlspaces.

This does not mean that dampness and water seepage aren’t impacting a home. The foundational impact of water can have dire consequences for any residential property. There can be minor cracks in a foundation.

This can eventually lead to mold, mildew, humidity inside a home, and even the settling of a home. Some sinking is natural due to gravity, but a foundation that is impaired horribly leads to dire consequences. Expert analysis by a company such as Basement Gurus LLC can determine foundation problems before these become major problems.

Settling occurs naturally as a home matures due to gravity, but water seepage can increase this process. Bowed walls and other foundational problems, such as cracks, do occur. House settling, although natural, can become a nightmare if water seepage is the culprit in more drastic settling.

Forbes does recommend, as do many waterproofing experts, that foundation waterproofing, even in homes without a basement, is a crucial element in preserving the value of a property. Any seepage from the outsidebasement in Lancaster PA will eventually produce negative effects on all valuables and even furniture and appliances.

Air quality in a home is also negatively impacted, and health problems can also ensue. The problem is that foundation water seepage is not immediately noticed, whereas, in a basement or crawlspace, water that appears is observable.

Signs that Foundation Waterproofing is Needed 

Foundation seepage and settling can be subtle and not easily detected. This makes it a rather unpleasant “surprise” for many homeowners when foundation problems become significant.

basement waterproofing company that is familiar with Lancaster should be consulted if any of the following signs appear:

  •    Cracks in the foundation

Even minor cracks signal that the foundation is generally experiencing seepage. Sealing each crack is necessary to prevent further damage. A foundation can also seem to be moldy on the outside, and removing the mold will keep it outside the home. Installing drainage systems will prevent water from pooling around the foundation.

  •    Doors and doorways that do not align

This is overlooked by many homeowners, and some natural settling will cause this to occur. However, if a homeowner has doors that need to be shoved into place to close or has doorframes that obviously do not align properly, the foundation certainly has water seepage problems.

  •    The soil around the foundation is sinking

Soil is most impacted by groundwater runoff and will be one of the first indicators that a property’s foundation is taking on water, even if unseen. Soil that is constantly mushy is not absorbing water correctly. An outside drainage system should be discussed as the ground water will seep under a foundation through the soil.

  •    Bowing walls

This indicates a great deal of seepage, and measures should be taken immediately to remove all seepage and foundation problems. The collapse of a home can occur without action at this point. Bowing walls are usually visible to owners.

  •    Uneven flooring

This is easy to dismiss for homeowners and can be subtle. Rolling a ball across the floor will indicate if a floor is becoming uneven as the ball will roll towards the lowest point. Some rolling of a ball will always occur, but extreme rolling towards one area of a room shows that a floor is being impacted in some way.

  •    Musty odors 

These can occur in any room and indicate that mold, mildew, fungus, and water are trapped inside a home’s wallsIndividuals can become used to a musty smell or assume it comes from something besides dampness in a foundation.

  •    Humidity inside the home

While no home is 100 percent humidity free, if a home has the air conditioning on and it still feels cloying when indoors, then water exists somewhere. This is not only possibly unhealthy but not energy efficient either, as AC units must work harder as a result. Saving money on energy bills is a plus in foundation waterproofing.

  •    Total shifting of a home

This is a cause for alarm as although settling occurs naturally, it is mild. Total shifting is dangerous, and measures to waterproof a foundation need to be in place immediately. If a home sinks too much, collapse can occur.

An engineer should assess a seriously sinking home, and high-pressure grouting can be used for stabilization, as well as other methods. Methods of foundation repair vary, and Basement Gurus have the decades of experience needed for a plan to prevent inside damages.

Conclusion—Lancaster Foundation Waterproofing—A Crucial Component

Safety rules in Lancaster, PA. Homeowners value their properties, and nothing is worse than a foundation issue that is not apparent yet causing unknown damage. Basement Gurus, LLC has been in business for thirty years and provides free evaluations. Affordability is the middle name of this five-star Google review company, as is customer satisfaction.

A solid foundation is a critical component of any home and should always be inspected and maintained. If you are not in the mood to fill out a form, simply call to speak with one of the representatives who will arrange the free evaluation. Financing also exists, so be sure to ask about that! 1-800-834-6584.

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