Lancaster, PA Basement and Crawlspace Waterproofing in Older Homes

Lancaster is always booming, with many new residents making this location their home each year. The appeal of shopping and agriculture is, without a doubt, part of the reason for this. There is also a relatively small amount of crime, and pride in the area is apparent to visitors. Active adult senior communities abound, on top of the many vintage homes that dot the area. These properties are preserved and are showplaces for the area, so care is given to keep these properties in the best shape possible.

This, of course, does include a focus on basement and crawlspace waterproofing, as any dampness, flooding, or seepage quickly destroys a home’s foundation and impairs safety, especially in older properties. This is simply due to the natural “settling” of a property due to gravity but also because older properties or multi-unit properties such as senior communities have more foot traffic.

This causes the grading of a property to change over time and become a sort of “catch basin” for water outside the property that eventually causes cracks in a foundation and seepage into an older property.

Crawlspaces and basements can become infested with all types of mold and fungus as a result and, of course, suffer serious damage from sudden downpours of rain or melted snow and ice that is not absorbed quickly by the ground surrounding a property.

An evaluation of any property, but especially older ones in low-lying areas, should be done to assess basement and crawlspace waterproofing at least yearly, even when already waterproofed, to ensure, especially outside a property, that the grading has not been changed in any way.

This is where Basement Gurus assists homeowners and all property owners in Lancaster and the surrounding area. The evaluations are free and should be part of the routine of home care each year. After all, the age of a home does lead to more wear and tear, and older homes are already somewhat more worn, although still beautiful and much valued.

How to Correct and Assess Waterproofing Issues in Older Homes in Lancaster, PA
This is done by a thorough walk around the entire outside of the older home. It reveals where pooling is occurring and where weak spots/cracks are appearing in the foundation. The pooling of water, of course, must be addressed, as sealing the cracks will not prevent seepage through groundwater problems.

Methods used include the following:

Leveling of the ground surrounding a home
This does include backfilling, if necessary, with a variety of materials such as dirt or gravel. Swale can also be used as it is environmentally friendly and uses grasses and other planted materials to absorb water and fill in holes and ditches. While swale was generally used in marshy areas to control waterway groundwater, it has now found its way into the control of water around homes and properties.

A quick buzz through Lancaster and a visitor can see the Pampas Grass, which is apparent, and a great water soak approach to pooling of water. Waterways are apparent in the area of Lancaster, PA, and many homes, especially older ones, are rather close to these.

While the Pampas Grass in this area lends beauty with its tall stems and white ends, it can also be used as an environmentally friendly alternative to gravel and inserting drains or adding more soil or backfilling ditches.

Outside sump pumps, piping, and drainage ditches
This was spoken of in previous blogs here, and sometimes an entire system of sump pumps, piping, and drainage ditches is needed, especially in older homes. Older homes, once foundations become impaired, are harder to repair, and there is no getting around that fact.

Although older homes, or as the preferred term is: “vintage homes,” appeal to many buyers looking for uniqueness in a home, older building materials are hard to find and replace and more costly. This is a simple fact that most home-buying consumer sites will warn buyers.

According to the USGS (United States Government of Science), the Conestoga River runs through a great swath of Lancaster and, as of February 10th, 2024, has continued to rise, causing concern about flooding because of increased precipitation. Many older homes are located in this area, as being close to the Conestoga offers a great view and peaceful setting.

Conclusion–Lancaster, PA Basement and Crawlspace Waterproofing in Older Homes
Preservation of the integrity of an older home from flooding and water damage can be more challenging. The pros at Basement Gurus, with over thirty years of experience, offer a free evaluation and, of course, extremely affordable alternatives to basement and crawlspace waterproofing both inside and outside. Financing exists to fit any budget!

The Basement Gurus give extra loving care to older homes. Thirty years in business is helpful when dealing with basement and crawlspace waterproofing problems in an older structure. Use the handy form on the website, or call for immediate service: 1-800-834-6584