Lancaster Basement Waterproofing During a Drought

The month of April 2023 saw a decrease in rainfall in Lancaster and other parts of PA. However, the month of May, which has now come to a close, has seen even less rainfall. This is reported by weather stations such as Willy Weather which covers the Lancaster, PA, area. 

While an end to the drought is in sight and benefitted some farmers, usually those that produce strawberries, this is by no means a reason for Lancaster residents to forget about basement waterproofing. Residents of Lancaster know it is a botanical, farming, and tourist paradise. It is a series of peaks and valleys with many longitudinal differences. What this means is that the higher elevations and lower elevations exist. 

Rainwater, like all water, does filter down from the top to the bottom of any hill or slope. This can damage a basement and even the foundation of a property when water from storms occurs rapidly and pools up. 

Property in Lancaster is not inexpensive, and any property owner wants to take as much care of their properties as possible. While not as expensive as some other locations, Lancaster sports a beauteous collection of homes and commercial properties.

According to Zillow and other real estate websites, the average cost of a mid-level home is approximately 350,000 and has risen by 7 percent in the past year. Even rental properties and commercial properties are, therefore, generally well maintained. And this does include waterproofing the basement. 

Sump pumpHow Does a Drought Impact Basements and Foundations?

There is a somewhat misleading idea amongst most property owners that a drought cannot cause wet basement or home foundation problems. This is not true. In fact, it can be just the opposite.

There are a few reasons for this: 

  • Sudden rain that soil cannot absorb

Soil can only absorb so much water at once. It is like a sponge. Eventually, there will be spillover into the lower levels and even onto highways and roadways. One sudden prolonged thunderstorm or days of significant solid rain can cause this. 

Not only can basements become flooded suddenly, but foundations can also experience water pooling. Even worse, a foundation can swell in spots and become uneven. Window wells can also be impacted and allow water to infiltrate a basement.

Infiltrated foundations that are uneven can experience cracks, of course, but perhaps just as frustrating are doors or windows that suddenly will not close properly because of unnoticed unevenness in the foundation of a basement.

Worst of all can be the “settling” of a home because of an uneven foundation. This generally does not appear suddenly, but cracks in walls may appear first or even a difference in the height of a pavement when compared to the foundation.

Most homes do “settle” because of gravity, with the most occurring two years after the first build-out. However, water infiltration can exacerbate the problem and make a home sink way too much and cause way too many cracks in the foundation.

  • Humidity builds up during a drought.

This statement does not make sense to many individuals, but it is true. According to the US Weather Service, through the Department of the Interior, humidity can be higher during a drought as water molecules simply build up in the air without being released as rain. 

This does eventually lead to laden clouds, which then erupt into storms. However, while the drought continues, basement waterproofing that deals with humidity control, such as dehumidifiers, are necessary.

Uncontrolled humidity in either a basement or crawlspace eventually leads to mold and fungus issues, which can be a deterrent to proper air quality and cause some health issues.

SummaryLancaster Basement Waterproofing During a Drought

The facts do show that basement waterproofing, and even dehumidification processes are necessary elements of a stable and safe home, even during a drought. In fact, because of a drought, basement waterproofing may very well be more necessary. 

Dehumidification may also be even more important. Newer homes with better insulation are actually more at risk for trapping moisture. While the reasoning behind this is solid, as better insulation leads to less emission and less energy usage, moisture is trapped more indoors now. 

Basement Waterproofing Gurus of Lancaster, PA, does have affordable solutions for every type of damp or flooded basement as well as dehumidifying solutions. Foundation checking is also available, and sump pumps, if needed, are available for installation.

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