French Drains—Why and When to Install These in York, PA

York, PA has a mix of land types and properties. From flat plains to higher elevations keeping basements and crawlspaces dry can be challenging. With winter officially starting on December 23, homeowners do start to consider the benefits of waterproofing basements and crawlspaces.

Basements, in particular, are on the minds of property owners, as many in the York area have finished basements, and either use these as rental units, family rooms, or even in-law suites. The number of supplemental living spaces using basements nationally has increased due to inflation, and a finished basement must be protected.

Use and Occupancy Certifications (sometimes called Certifications of Occupancy), vary according to location and type of property in York. Although all counties in PA must follow the Uniform Building Code laws, municipalities have the right to add restrictions according to need and safety.

York, PA does have specific guidelines which explain the types of residential usage, and the additional requirements. Even if not finishing a basement, but only maintaining one with French Drains, and other methods will require a trip to the Zoning Office to establish whether the proposed work will follow all requirements.

Although many property owners will consider installing a French Drain themselves, this is not a simple task and can be fraught with difficulty as these drains run either alongside a home or even inside a home or property.

Which Type of French Drain Should be Chosen in York, PA?

A good idea when considering a French Drain for a basement or waterproofing of a crawlspace is to consult an expert.  Basement Gurus, LLC is a company that enjoys a stellar reputation and happily provides a free evaluation in York and surrounding areas.

Determining the source of the water is crucial and some properties can experience several points of entry. With that said, here is a rundown on types of French Drains, and the processes involved. While some extremely handy people can handle this type of drain process installation themselves that is rare and not recommended.

  • French Drains are trenches

These either run outside alongside a home or inside a home, parallel to an interior wall. Much depends on where the water is pooling, and of course how much water seepage is occurring.

Digging must occur, therefore it is a very specific type of project with absolutely no room for error.  The digging must align with the depth and width of the French Drain, and the drains provide a slope of piping that leads water and seepage away from a basement or interior crawlspaces.

The “dig out” must occur along the path of water, and be enhanced by a slope that propels the water downhill and away from the basement foundation or even a crawlspace that is always experiencing seepage. This leads to a system of piping.

  • French Drains require filler materials

Outdoors there must be perforated piping, and the French Drain needs to be lined with a filler material. This can be gravel, stone, or other materials chosen by the installer.

Indoors, the trench is made through the inside concrete and after installation must be sealed completely and encased with concrete as the trench is dug through the basement floor.

Both should involve a skilled waterproofing contractor in York, PA. Basement Gurus, LLC has the experience and staff to do this affordably and quickly. A total evaluation of water seepage problems or flooding in basements and crawlspaces should occur first, however, as no two installations are ever alike.  

Sometimes an indoor/outdoor combination might be needed or another solution may be suggested.

Conclusion French Drains—Why and When to Install These in York, PA

French Drains have been in use for decades successfully to prevent and remove basement and crawlspace water and even humidity. It is wise to choose a great professional for the installation, however, as French Drains installed improperly can lead to foundation problems.

Basement Gurus, LLC of York, PA has been in business for decades and is licensed and insured. This company also provides emergency services, in the case of flooding, as well as financing options to accommodate any homeowners’ budget.

It is advised that anyone who owns a property, especially one with a finished basement, has an evaluation done to ensure that each basement and crawlspace is as sound and waterproof as possible.

Allow this talented team of waterproofing specialists to assist in the choice of a French Drain system for your home by calling: 1-800-834-6584.

With “old man Winter” knocking on the door of York, PA residents now is a good time to stay ahead of a tragic event of flooding or excess moisture in a basement or crawlspace.