The Pros and Cons of

French Drains in Lancaster

Quite a few homes in Lancaster, PA, do not have basements or crawlspaces. This means that the foundation of a home and the surrounding soil are the most impacted by water runoff or even flooding

French drains are, of course, also used in basements, but Lancaster has its share of them due to the fact of many “non-basement” homes. A French drain prevents pooling on the soil, puddles, and, of course, seepage underneath a home’s foundation.

Lancaster homeowners are proud homeowners, and although any type of drainage system can be installed by using Basement Gurus, LLC, French drains are especially aesthetically pleasing.

French drains are usually gravel-filed. The pipes are perforated to ensure the water moves away from the pooling water and is absorbed into the ground. French drains rely on the soil surrounding the drain for efficient water control.

There can also be grates used to ensure stability. However, stability and aesthetics can be combined by using grates and plants, bushes, flowers, and other types of decorative additions. This lends itself to the appeal of French drains in Lancaster, PA.

There are so many ways to install, stabilize, and make a French drain appealing that, many times, this type of drain is virtually undetectable to those outside a home. This adds to the appeal of the French drains for many homeowners in Lancaster.

French Drains, lancaster, PA

French Drains–Pros

Although the aesthetic appeal is a driving force for French drains in Lancaster, PA, other factors also make this type of drain appealing to homeowners

  •    Longevity

French drains are notoriously sturdy, with some lasting 30 to 40 years or even more. Of course, it is important to keep them clog-free and maintained. Checking for holes or damages, especially after storms or other severe weather, is imperative.

Basement Gurus. LLC, with 30 years of experience in all drainage systems, can offer an affordable maintenance and evaluation plan for French drains. A French drain is a trench and, as such, can accumulate debris after weather hazards or simply over a year or so, if not sooner.

Protection of this investment is imperative. Although other drainage systems, when installed and maintained by Basement Gurus, LLC, can also see longevity, the French drainage system is an overall winner in “taking a beating and keeping on ticking.”

  •    Beauty

Because French drains are underground and covered usually with decorative plants, grates, or other materials, they add to the beauty of a home. Eye appeal, or curb appeal, is a common selling point for realtors and homeowners, and French drains meet this requirement.

Of course, the best French drains are installed by professionals, as digging up the ground should only be done by professional basement waterproofing experts. A mess can quickly occur when a DIY (Do It Yourself) French drain is installed. Other drainage systems are much more visible than French drains and, of course, cannot be decorated to improve the aesthetic appeal.

  •    Practicality

French drains can be positioned carefully by professional waterproofers such as Basement Gurus, LLC. Of course, slope and other factors impact the positioning, but these types of drains are very malleable, and the dig-out can be done in sections. Pieces of the drainage can then be positioned, and of course, the holes for drainage applied where the most water accumulates.

French Drains—Cons

  •    Safety issues

This is something Basement Gurus, LLC takes into extreme consideration. French drains are underground, and like the signs everyone sees in PA, it is necessary to “check before you dig.” This is one of the top reasons why a French drain does not make a good handyman or Do It Yourself project. Underground wires and other underground components, such as municipal requirements in coding and zoning, must be factored in before installation begins.

  •    Cost estimates 

While many French drainage systems are not more expensive than top-of-the-ground systems, the valuation can be higher because of the digging necessary.

A typical French drain installation can cost roughly $5000 but can go up to $18,000 or more. The figure really depends upon the amount of digging required. Stone and rocks might need removal once digging begins, and this adds to the cost.

The slope of a property and water accumulation, as well as obstacles in the way of the drain, must also be factored into the costs. To put it succinctly, French drain estimates can vary because of unknown factors.

  •    Timeframes for installation

As with the cost estimations, French drain installations can go quickly or take much longer than expected. Good contractors such as Basement Gurus, LLC ensure that all homeowners are aware of the cost estimates and timeline estimates and the fluctuations that might occur.

It is best to start a French drain installation when good weather is anticipated for a while, as the dig-out will fill with water before completion if it takes too long. This adds another step of removing the water in the trench for the contractor.

Summary–French Drains in Lancaster—Pros and Cons

Lancastonians do adore their homes and the aesthetic beauty of their homes. While many do not have basements or crawlspaces, keeping the foundation and surrounding gardens, patios, and other soil dry and beautiful is a priority.

This is where French drains add to the aesthetic of a home. However, there are not without drawbacks, as stated in this article, and the only way to fully establish if a French drain is a good fit for any homeowner is to speak with a licensed and insured contractor such as Basement Gurus, LLC.

With decades of experience and a free evaluation, a French drain discussion with Basement Gurus, LLC of Lancaster, PA is welcome at any time! 1-800-834-8584.