Lancaster Flood Facts—Controlling Excessive Sudden Water

Lancaster, PA is viewed as a bucolic location. However, it is not immune to humidity and sudden weather events. No locations anywhere in the world are. It is not unusual for Lancaster to experience sudden flooding, especially in certain areas.

Homeowners can be ill-prepared to withstand unexpected weather events as these do not happen often. The most drastic weather event on record happened in 1904 in Lancaster County, where many towns, especially New Hope were affected by an ice dam buildup from the Susquehanna River.

Warm weather with rain turned the ice dam into uncontrollable flooding within mere minutes. The town of Collins near Falmouth was completely obliterated as the ice floe dissipated. This happened on March 8th of that year but the repercussions remain yet today. A power plant and homes were gone and all that remains now are wooded pathways.

Although great care is now taken to prevent such emergencies as the 1904 flood, FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), is predicting that flooding will increase in Lancaster, PA in the next 30 years due to geographic shifts and environmental changes.

The water table levels dictate which areas are most at risk of course, with some being higher risk of flooding than ever. It does involve geographic yearly changes and environmental changes. A savvy homeowner will be looking into basement waterproofing and other types of water control such as outside drainage systems.

A good way to start assessing the types of water prevention methods is by contacting Basement Gurus, LLC. With a history and presence in Lancaster, PA for years, this seasoned company is knowledgeable about the geography and dangers in all areas of Lancaster, PA. During the flood of 1904 Mount Joy was hit hard but now some prevention is possible to mitigate damages.

Reasons for Waterproofing Homes in Lancaster PA

Once a flood does hit, it is particularly important to waterproof basements inside and outside. With the predictions by FEMA mentioned above, there are approximately 20,000 homes now in Lancaster that can suffer flood damage.

The main reasons for waterproofing methods, of course, are to prevent damage, but other factors come into play.

  • Flood insurance costs

While there are no mandatory regulations in PA that require flood insurance, if in a high flood-risk area, without it the losses sustained to a property can be tremendous. There is also a trend for mortgage companies now to insist on flood insurance as part of the lending requirements.

Flood insurance will skyrocket in price if there are no seepage mitigation efforts by a homeowner. Basement Gurus, LLC will do a free evaluation that is both cost-effective and yet precise depending upon property locations and existing seepage concerns if there are any.

  • Loss of living space

More and more homeowners in Lancaster, PA are turning their basements into additional living quarters. These are then used as in-law quarters, an extra home entertainment space, or even a basement apartment rental.

Spending money on a basement remodel and then losing it to water damage is expensive and rather heartbreaking. According to the largest rental listing agents in Lancaster, there are dozens upon dozens of basement apartments for rent in Lancaster homes.

A homeowner not only faces damages to the property but the loss of rental income. It’s a double whammy!

  • Resale devaluation

It is only a fact that a home with water damage can devalue tremendously when up for sale. Even with the hot real estate m

lancaster basement waterproofing for flood

arket now, the smell of mildew, and fungus, as well as staining on walls can remain for years.

It is much wiser and less costly overall to damp-proof a basement, crawlspace, or outside perimeter of a home than wait to try and remove the water or dampness. If a home is up for sale, and potential buyers ask for an inspection before a contract to purchase, any dampness or foundational weaknesses can kill a sale quickly.

Conclusion- Lancaster Flood Facts—Controlling Excessive Sudden Water

The reality is that Lancaster, PA is not immune from the effects of a hurricane or other serious weather events. In September 2022, Hurricane Ida did significant damage in flooding of Lancaster, PA.  Although many hurricanes lose their ferocity before hitting Lancaster, some do not.

Add to that the nearness of the Susquehanna River, where ice dams can accumulate in the winter months, and the possibility of flooding increases in beautiful Lancaster County, PA. The Susquehanna is the longest river in PA and therefore the most impactful and quite possibly damaging during hurricanes and ice build-ups.

It is imperative therefore for homeowners in Lancaster County, PA to have an evaluation of outdoor drainage systems, and indoor basement waterproofing, including window wells, and crawlspaces.

Basement Gurus, LLC stands by all their waterproofing work with a great warranty, and all evaluations are free. There is a form, and of course, a phone number for quick contact. 1-800-834-6584.

A waterproofed home is a safe home!