Environmental Factors in Basement and Crawlspace Waterproofing

You are subject to many of the same ordinances and restrictions in Pennsylvania because of air quality control. 

Air quality can diminish whenever particulates are released into the atmosphere that are not conducive to good health. This is often not intentional and is tied to the urbanization of an area and groundwater runoff problems. 

While groundwater can look clear, it is not, and during flooding, even wading through it can lead to disease. The US government lists dozens of contaminants depending on the area. Some are organic, while others are simply a result of the development of properties,.

Some of the particulates that are emitted from groundwater runoff are as follows: 

  • Arsenic

Even small doses of arsenic can cause serious illness. It is a natural compound found in rocks and can be infused into a basement or crawlspace. A homeowner does not have to drink this deadly compound; the skin can absorb it. Geological surveys show it is produced naturally from rocks. 

The seriousness of illness depends upon the amounts absorbed, but Medical News Today advises that no amount of arsenic is safe. 

  • Carbon and Cadmium 

The National Institute of Health has found these groundwater chemicals common in agricultural land and industrial areas. 

  • Lead

Although lead paint and lead in pipes are now outlawed, it does appear organically through the atmosphere from rocks and even earth and, therefore, is in standing groundwater even in a basement or crawlspace. Old lead-based pipes in a crawlspace or basement can add to the lead content from seeping groundwater. 

Summary–Basement/Crawlspace Waterproofing Facts on Ordinances 

There are dozens more organic and inorganic microorganisms that are emitted into the air and then dispersed through rain. Any dampness, seepages, or puddling of standing water is taken seriously as the health and welfare of citizens matters. 

There are quite a few different types of land uses and land tables, therefore a company knowledgeable about the area is needed to ensure complete waterproofing and compliance with the local regulations.

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