Eliminating Winter Drafts in Basements and Crawlspaces in Lancaster, PA 

The nip is in the air in December, January, and February. Although Lancaster, PA, can be somewhat warmer than other more Northern portions of PA, dampness, and wind can make the inside of a home feel chilly even with the heat on. 

While other causes for air seepage and drafts occur, many homeowners neglect to check the basement and crawlspaces for dampness and cracks, either inside or outside the foundation walls.  


Heat also escapes many times through a basement or crawlspace, and sealing cracks and even a total basement or crawlspace encapsulation will often “work wonders” in making a home warmer. 


A home with a damp basement or crawlspace is also colder as dampness creates a cold environment, which can often be felt on the flooring above a basement or crawlspace. Although warm air rises and most HVAC units are in the basement, water, seepage, or cracks can defeat the rising warm air. 


Basement Gurus, LLC, with a proud heritage of 30 years in the Lancaster, PA area, knows this region inside and out and the types of problems to evaluate and pinpoint for homeowners dealing with dampness, drafts, or seepage of air and water in a crawlspace or basement.

Reasons Why Basements and Crawlspaces Cause Drafts in the Winter 

Basements and crawlspaces are generally more relaxed in the summer, so it only goes to prove that they would cause drafts and cold air to seep up through floorboards into a home during the Winter.

There are several reasons why this happens and preventive measures.

  • Unheated basements

While some property owners heat their basements, many still need to, as basements are generally unfinished. This creates a space that captures dampness and cold. Snow and ice on the ground exacerbate the situation as basements are below ground, and therefore, the cold from the ground creeps in as well as the water.

  • Mold and mildew

In both basements and crawlspaces, mold and mildew present a problem, not just with the quality of air but also with lower temperatures seeping into a home. Mold, mildew, and other fungi grow in damp environments.

While many individuals do not know this, a damp, humid basement or crawlspace produces less air pressure and circulation, according to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

Airflow constriction and release of cold air into a home via mold and mildew generally can occur on the inside or outside of a property. The most common areas are the corners of basements and crawlspaces where the inside meets the outside elements more often.

  • Improper venting of crawlspaces

Crawlpaces that have improper venting leaves in pests and all types of pollen in the summer. Meant to cool a home with the venting; in the winter months, this can work against homeowners, allowing blasts of cold air into a home, especially when the winds are blowingVicious gusts of wind are common in Lancaster, PA, during the Winter, even when no snow or sleet is apparent.

  • Foundation cracks

Inside and outside, any cracks should be sealed in a basement or crawlspace. Even the tiniest ones can allow an astonishing amount of cold air and water into a home. This frigid atmosphere builds up and rises up through the floorboards.

Homeowners who have cold floorboards do need to call a waterproofing company for a free evaluation, and Basement Gurus, LLC stands ready to assist.

  • Old or non-existent insulation

One of the best ways to prevent drafts from a damp basement or crawlspace is by insulating the space thoroughly. Even if insulation does exist, it can be old and need replacement. Old insulation does not do its job well enough to prevent dampness and cold from entering a home.

Of course, if no insulation exists, it should be installed as soon as possible. The costs are offset by energy savings and health benefits.

Although many times basement and crawlspace insulation is very hardy and lasts for decades, a thorough evaluation should be done yearly as seepage can cause it to degrade, especially around joists and framing. Again, Basement Gurus, LLC is there for the residents of the Lancaster, PA area.

  • Window well sealing

These are much overlooked, but wind, water, and even snow and ice can blow in through old and unsealed window wells. This will lead to drafts in a home without a doubt.

Summary–Eliminating Winter Drafts in Basements and Crawlspaces in Lancaster

Many Lancaster residents enjoy the Winter. It is a holiday season, and some even enjoy the snow. Cold and damp homes, though, are never usually enjoyable, and Basement Gurus, LLC, with 30 years of experience, serves the Lancaster area with pride and affordable services.

Free estimates and financing options exist, so there is no reason not to make your home warm and cozy by eliminating drafts through the basement and crawlspace waterproofing and insulation this Winter.

Simply call 1-800-834-6584 or fill out the form on the website.

Enjoy a warm, draft-free winter!