Dehumidifiers – How Keeping Basements Dry 

One of the most expensive home repairs can be basement and crawlspace waterproofing. Wet basements and crawlspaces, unfortunately, are common in Lancaster, PA, and the general area. Snow and rain contribute to this. Homeowners are often fighting a battle with water accumulation in the lower parts of their homes. 

Basement and crawlspace waterproofing costs vary. Types of systems and extent of work are the common variables. The latest statistics compiled by Home Guide show that, on average, the costs range from 2,000 dollars to 6,000. 

If special drainage systems are needed, the costs increase exponentially to five figures or more. This makes keeping a basement or crawlspace dry imperative to avoid moisture problems after the waterproofing is finished. Dehumidifiers do the trick with efficiency and are an affordable purchase for Lancaster homeowners.  

After waterproofing is done, it is a great idea to install a dehumidifier to keep a basement or crawlspace dry. There is a difference between a humidifier and a dehumidifier. According to Healthline, a dehumidifier takes moisture out of the air, while a humidifier expels more moisture into the area. 

 Lancaster, PA, has a high relative humidity. The average is 81 percent, with September being the most humid month and March the least humid month. This is documented by several reputable weather services. 

Dehumidifiers not only keep basements and crawlspaces dry but improve air quality via the removal of allergens. They also are a great part of mold prevention and are recommended by most basement waterproofing companies.

Statistics by Healthline again come into play, where dehumidifiers were proven to reduce allergens and assist those with allergies and asthma. Even while inside a home, allergens such as pollen and dust do creep into the air. 

Dehumidfier, moldReasons for Installing a Dehumidifier 

  • Elimination of seasonal allergies, mold, and other irritants

Seasonal allergies cause wheezing, sneezing, and irritation of the eyes. In some cases, itching occurs. This does interfere with the quality of life. Dust mites are also a cause of irritation and are microscopic, so they are not seen by the naked eye. Dust mites are contained in dust, and all the cleaning in the world will not remove them. They work their way into pillows, drapes, and other soft materials. Dehumidifiers can assist in the elimination of dust mites.

Mold, of course, especially black mold, can be dangerous to anyone’s health. While most individuals do not experience severe symptoms from black mold, immunocompromised individuals can.

  • Removal of dank smells and unsightly white mold

White mold is a fungus that simply grows on the outside of walls or objects. It doesn’t really produce symptoms like black mold but can devalue items and homes. Dank smells, especially from a damp basement or crawlspace, can spread throughout a home. Although the smell will be more “telling” in the basement or crawlspace, the air ducts throughout a home do carry the odor upwards.

Even white mold can create a musty smell, as it can collect on water pipes and other orifices, not just objects. Any mustiness in a home creates negative air pressure as opposed to positive air pressure.

Put simply, warm air rises and can leave the home. Warm air is positive. Cold, dank air is negative and can rise into a home when the positive air pressure decreases. A dehumidifier decreases the negative air pressure. In some cases, the dank smell can even invade clothing and furniture, as fabrics trap smells.

Homeowners may not even notice the smell as they become used to it, but visitors will, as will buyers if a property goes onto the real estate market.

Facts to Consider When Installing a Dehumidifier

  • The installation

The right size and model are crucial, so a professional in waterproofing should be chosen for the right make, model, size, and of course, the best installation. There are techniques involved when installing a dehumidifier correctly. Professional waterproofing companies are aware of all techniques and are licensed.

  • Energy efficiency

The US DOE (Department of Energy) governs the amount of energy that is acceptable for usage. The energy is measured in kilowatt-hours needed to reduce the amount of water or moisture in the air.

To explain this, the longer a dehumidifier must run to remove moisture, the less energy efficient it is considered. Although the overall price of the dehumidifier does count, the more it runs, the more energy costs rise.

A professional basement and crawlspace waterproofing company will take into account the installation and the energy efficiency and select the correct model since dozens do exist.

Conclusion-Dehumidifiers-Keeping Basements Dry in Lancaster, PA 

Dehumidifiers are used after total waterproofing, usually of basements and crawlspaces. Once unwanted water is removed, these small apparatuses do a fine job of keeping dankness and moisture from collecting in the air at the bottom level of a home.

Professionals such as Basement Waterproofing Gurus with 30 years of experience should be called for superior installation and choice of dehumidifier. This firm offers a free quote and can be reached via the website form, email, or phone: 1-800-834-6584. There is also a Facebook page!

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