Crawlspace Encapsulation Saves Heat and Foundations in Lancaster, PA 

Most homeowners in Lancaster, PA, really do not pay much attention to the crawlspaces in their homes. This is not a criticism, as this is nationwide, but unfortunately, it is a fact. Crawlspaces are not in every home; in fact, perhaps only a quarter of homes built now have them 

However, those homes that do generally only use the crawlspace for storage, and homeowners seldom check them. The reality is that crawlspaces are more than just “extra storage. “ They provide many necessary functions within a home, and some homes may have more than one. 

In general, the name crawlspace itself is derived from the fact that these are spaces that generally must be “crawled into” as they are narrow areas under the first floor of a home or sometimes in an attic. 

At any rate, a ground-floor crawlspace and an attic crawlspace share some similarities but have different purposes as well. In winter, it is important to focus on those in the basement. 

Basement crawlspaces provide the most heat retention by allowing the rise of heat into a home. Encapsulation is recommended in the winter months and especially before the dead of winter as these are below the ground. 

Encapsulation is simply a series of steps to ensure the most prevention of mold, mildew, and seepage, as well as the control of humidity levels within a home. Without a thorough prevention system for these threats to a home, damages can occur. 

Basement Gurus LLC of Lancaster, PA, does provide encapsulation after a thorough inspection. Inspections include looking at all facets of a crawlspace and deciding upon the issues and the most affordable yet effective solutions.  

It is approximated that about 50 percent of the air in a home comes through the crawlspace, so these entry points are not insignificant. Encapsulation of crawlspaces has been growing lately as homeowners now see the benefit of insulating and encapsulating these. 

The money spent on encapsulation effectively reduces energy costs in heat, especially, and ensures that all outside elements, such as dampness, bugs, and other pests, do not make their way into a home. Allergens are also kept at bay with proper encapsulation. This does make this expense a money-saver overall. 

Crawlspaces can be very small or even large enough to hold an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) unit. But the fact remains that these spaces, whether underneath a home or on top of a home, do need to be assessed for damages. 

Shockingly enough, some older homes can have dirt crawlspaces on the bottom, and these definitely need waterproofing encapsulation and other methods of ventilation and sealing. 

With over thirty years of experience, Basement Gurus LLC offers financing options and works with homeowners on a budget for a waterproofing and encapsulation plan no matter what the size of the space, or the type or location of the space. 

Some Facts on Crawlspace Encapsulation and its Winter Benefits

While heat saving is probably the number one reason homeowners now seek crawlspace encapsulation because of rising energy costs, there are, of course, other reasons to invest in sealing and encapsulation of any crawlspace 

  •    Encapsulation protects foundations 

Foundations can experience seepage through unsealed and non-encapsulated crawlspaces. The humidity that forms can rot inside foundation posts and beams, potentially causing the collapse of the sinking of a home. Rot forms slowly but surely, and the only solution after this occurs is to use leveling supports to ensure a stable home. 

Leveling support types and materials will vary but can prevent real damage to a home that is impacted by dampness or wood rot. 

  •    Encapsulation prevents floor buckling

Although a moldy or musty smell may be noticeable, most homeowners can overlook this as it is possible to become “nose blind” to certain odors. Nose blindness occurs when exposed to odors day in and day out to the point where they are no longer noticeable to homeowners. 

However, buckling floors are much more noticeable and hard to ignore. Once a floor starts buckling, crawlspaces and basements must be thoroughly examined, as this is a serious sign of seepage. 

  •    Encapsulation prevents infestations 

Termites, cockroaches, and even rats and mice can make their way easily into a home without thorough sealing of all entry points. While crawlspaces do need to be accessible, as most wiring and plumbing are accessed through them, the encapsulation does not interfere with human access but simply deters pests from entering. 

Pests seek shelter in the winter months. A warm home is just too inviting! The best way of keeping them out is through encapsulation. 

Conclusion—Crawlspace Encapsulation Prevents Heat and Foundation Damage

While there are many reasons to encapsulate a basement or even an attic, the main reasons are, of course, foundation protection as well as heat conservation, and proper ventilation. 

Basement Gurus LLC of Lancaster, PA, has extended hours and financing options. These “Gurus” are true gurus in basement and crawlspace waterproofing. 

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