Basement Waterproofing Winterization Facts—Lancaster, PA 

2022 into early 2023 was not a super wet winter in Lancaster, PA. Very little snow or sleet fell. While there was some rain, there really was not a significant increaseIt was easy for homeowners to forego and forget about basement waterproofing or even crawlspace waterproofing

Water only comes into a building when there is enough seepage through the ground or cracks in a foundationIt also depends upon the location and the height of the water table.

Each year, the Farmer’s Almanac makes predictions for PA. This year is supposed to be colder, with more storms. Throughout late 2023 through early 2024, an El Nino type of winter is predicted, which brings colder temperatures and a great deal more precipitation.

According to the National Weather Service, an El Nino brings warmer temperatures to those south of the equator but colder and more wet conditions to those north of the equator. It is the opposite oceanic effect of an El Nina, which is the milder oceanic shift.

Lancaster, PA, is, of course, north of the equator, and although not the most northernmost portion of PA, can be hit hard by an El Nino.

Last year, Lancaster, PA, enjoyed an El Nina and did not experience severe weather. These changes, however, occur on a cycle, and homeowners will not be that lucky this year in Lancaster, so preparation for a severe weather element is necessary, especially in waterproofing and dampproofing.

Basement Gurus of Lancaster, PA, does suggest, at the very least, an inspection. Full waterproofing might not be needed, but a sump pump or other equipment may. For simple mold and fungus issues without a basement present, ventilation issues are addressed.

Inspections should include the inside, outside, walls, foundations, and drainage systems before winter “hits” with a vengeance. Ice and snow can hamper inspections or work that needs to be done to keep water and dampness out of a home.

November is the perfect time to evaluate potential problems in basement and crawlspace seepage and remedy flaws, if any. All evaluations by Basement Gurus are free, of course, and a plan of action according to a budget can be made.

To be transparent and honest, this basement waterproofing and crawlspace waterproofing company serving Lancaster, PA, and the counties surrounding Lancaster, will advise owners of properties that the basements and crawlspaces are well prepared for winter or, if not, suggest affordable budget-friendly solutions.

4 Basement Waterproofing Winterization Facts–Lancaster, PA 

Even if already waterproofed, basements and crawlspaces should be checked before the “dead of winter” approaches as it becomes difficult to manage water and outside systems in extreme cold and precipitation.

Nor’easters in PA can be swift and unpredictable and be followed by a warm day, leaving tremendous runoff. Prevention includes the following:

  •    Evaluation—inside and exterior

As stated previously, whether a basement or crawlspace is already waterproofed or not waterproofed, Basement Gurus offers a free evaluation and will lay out a plan that is affordable for homeowners.

Inside and outside inspections will occur, and checking for cracks is diligent. It is surprising how much water a small crack can let into a property. Window wells that are loose or older can also be a source of seepage.

Cracks on the inside of walls and outside of foundation walls can be minor yet leave in the water quite quickly. These are hard to pinpoint at times, and only a professional firm, such as Basement Gurus can spot even the tiniest of cracks. Cracks will always occur as properties age as properties do settle due to gravity. Cracks occur because of wear and tear of the elements and the settling of a property.

Flooding basement

  •    Testing of existing equipment 

Many homeowners have inside sump pumps after an incident of prior flooding. While Lancaster does not experience a lot of flooding, it is an arid area, and water overflow occurs in great quantities when snow melts. Existing sump pumps should be checked regularly.

Inside drainage systems also exist and need to be checked for clogs and to ensure that proper flow is occurring to remove water quickly. Outside drainage systems such as French drains or other types of outside drains also need a checkup for clogs and efficiency.

  •    Repainting—Inside and outside

Waterproof paint really is a great yet affordable method of ensuring that water stays out of a property. It can act as an extra barrier of protection, and even if no basement exists, the outside foundation can use waterproof paint, as can the window wells, easements, and crawlspaces.

  •    Sealant applications 

No matter whether an initial waterproofing or an existing touchup, sealants generally come into play along cracks, crevices, and holes both inside and outside. There are dozens of types, from glues to cements, depending upon the depth of the cracks and crevices.

Conclusion—Basement Winterization Waterproofing Facts—Lancaster, PA 

Dealing with excess water in a basement or crawlspace, or even outside a home, becomes more expensive when small issues are ignored. Getting on top of the waterproofing is crucial, and Basement Gurus with 30 years of experience can assist quickly.

Open for extended hours, quick and efficient service is always available, and emergency services exist. Basement Gurus does welcome phone calls and has a form for quick response on the website. 1-800-834-6584.

Licensed and insured, any basement or crawlspace can be made as dry as possible with the expertise of this decades-old company!