Basement and Crawlspace Waterproofing Sustainable Trends in Lancaster, PA

Like every other aspect of home renovations and upkeep, basement and crawlspace waterproofing advances. Newer technologies emerge constantly, and the best companies keep abreast of these trends and implement them. 

With the focus now on sustainability, the protection of the environment by the elimination of unnecessary waste, and, of course, more affordability, it is important for homeowners to find the most forward-thinking company possible for either interior or exterior waterproofing

Basement Gurus LLC of Lancaster, PA, with thirty years of experience, does shift with the trends and newest technologies and encourages homeowners with older systems to take advantage of the free evaluation and see if an upgrade is needed

The newer advances not only provide superior water seepage protection but also have been shown to last longer than older type

s of waterproofing. The impact on the environment also plays a part in the choice of materials for basement and crawlspace waterproofing, with an eye towards waste management issues that are more eco-friendly.

Basement and Crawlspace Current Emerging Sustainable Trends

The entire global community is focused on environmental factors now, and Lancaster, PA, is no different. Modern lives have changed, and awareness is more apparent of the environment and sustainability of products used. 

Lancaster and the surrounding areas have always been a hub of trendiness and yet seek affordability and efficiency, which Basement Gurus LLC does provide. Correct waterproofing of basements and crawlspaces does improve more than just water removal. It provides a healthier environment overall, with better indoor air quality. 

Materials used now for waterproofing are more permeable, allowing the water to run off more naturally. Even cement and glue products, as well as the paints used, have a more permeable aspect now. Parts are consistent with new regulations concerning environmentally friendly usages.

Almost all retailers in the US now carry these more permeable products for enhanced water absorption as well as longer-lasting qualities. In addition, the newer trends also provide more than just water removal but do not fill landfills with toxic wastes. 

Some of the most common reasons homeowners in the greater Lancaster area seek sustainable products are: 

  •    Improved energy efficiency

Waterproofing does regulate temperatures inside a home. This simply means that less cold and hot air gets in, and heating and cooling equipment runs less, saving money. 

  •    Air quality improvement

The air quality inside a home can alleviate allergies and assist with controlling chronic conditions such as asthma and bronchitis. Mold and fungus are reduced or eliminated when basements and crawlspaces are sufficiently waterproofed.

Even minuscule particulates such as pet dander, cockroach waste, and all types of pollen can creep into a home via an unsealed and unprotected basement or crawlspace and trigger or create asthma. 

  •    Pest control

This idea doesn’t usually occur to homeowners, but badly sealed interiors and exteriors of a basement or crawlspace do allow infiltration by all types of pests, from insects to rats. These can not only be annoying but carry diseases and do damage to a home’s interior and/or foundation. 

Pests are also disease carriers, and if a termite infestation occurs, a homeowner can find themselves facing a real disaster as termites are not readily seen immediately. 

  •    Protection of equipment and valuables

Some basements are converted into family rooms, dens, apartments, or other living spaces. Even those that are not do need equipment protection as many HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) units are in basements.


The basement or crawlspace is also a place where valuables and treasures are stored, so the best solutions to keep out the most water seepage for the longest amount of time are always sought. 

Even water heaters perform better in dry environments, prolonging the life of a water heater (which is costly and cumbersome to replace) and improving its overall functioning when good dampproofing occurs.

  •    Foundation stability

Waterproofing protects a foundation. Any unstable foundation will make a home unsafe at some point and cost a fortune to stabilize it with underpinning or other methods. Even natural methods of waterproofing, such as gravel and botanical solutions, may be presented. 

Summary—Basement and Crawlspace Sustainable Trends in Lancaster, PA 

There is no question that sustainability is now prominent in all aspects of life, including home repair and upkeep. The newest products on the market that are now more environmentally stable are used by Basement Gurus, LLC. 

In addition, with the cost of living now, there is always the issue of affordability in any dampproofing of a residence. Basement Gurus, LLC does address this with a 0 percent financing plan that is available to all clients. This alleviates any undue stress regarding payments and is an offering most other waterproofing companies do not offer! 

Easy to work with and communicate with, Basement Gurus, LLC does have a form on the website, an email, and, of course, a phone number. 1-800-834-6584.