Negative Side Basement Waterproofing in Lancaster, PA 

Most individuals who own a residential property in Lancaster, PA, are familiar with basement waterproofing. Individuals turn to waterproofing to keep a basement or crawlspace dry and free of mold and fungus. This can include sump pumps inside and drainage systems both inside and outside. 

However, some homes might not have a basement in Lancaster, and exterior waterproofing is the only solution. This does not mean that interior waterproofing is not needed, as any seepage can build up on any home’s exterior and find its way inside a home. 

Whether owning a basement or not, water seepage causes mold, mildew, and a damp interior of a home, even if only a crawlspace exists. In addition, water seepage will eventually cause serious foundational problems. With the persistence of rain in September 2023, it pays homeowners to at least seek a free waterproofing evaluation from Basement Gurus, LLC

Negative basement waterproofing means simply applying waterproofing to the interior of a structure, whether in a basement or a crawlspace. Positive waterproofing is the exterior of a structure.

Some properties need both as a multi-defense against seepage issues as the water table is high. The location of a property also contributes to the need for extensive waterproofing (think steep hills here.) 

The processes used are many, but the negative side of a property is the “dry” walls of the interior of a foundational wall. The usage of negative waterproofing is remedial when outside foundational waterproofing is not possible or is not effective on its own. 

Although the exterior or positive side outdoor waterproofing usually takes place first, the negative side or interior may be deemed necessary if water is still infiltrating a basement or a foundation or crawlspace. 

Negative waterproofing includes dampproofing and is also done to window wells and any apparent cracks and crevices inside an underground space. Negative side waterproofing is not new and is known by Basement Gurus, LLC of Lancaster, PA. 

Types of Negative Side Waterproofing in Lancaster, PA 

Some forms of this type of dampness and seepage prevention are easy and simple, and some individual homeowners will choose the first listed here, while others will need more extensive methods.

·     Waterproofing paints

This can be a DIY project, and homeowners who use this method generally have very little seepage. Paints that are specifically made for the interior (aka negative) sides of a property need to be chosen carefully. 

Needless to say, this is the least costly of all solutions. However, it is not permanent, and like paint used for any home improvements will have to be applied regularly. It can be wise then to have it professionally done as the choice of paint will be exact, and professional waterproofing companies such as Basement Gurus, LLC will be quicker and much faster. 

·     Crack and crevice injections

The professionals have a selection of crack and crevice injections that involve a sealant that is injected with a device that resembles a syringe. For this to be effective, the sealant must match the requirements of a property and the budgetary requirements of each client. Cracks Waterproofing

Silicone is most commonly used, but many others exist. After the sealants are injected, a coat of waterproofing paint may also be applied. A thorough inspection of all interior walls, especially around window wells and crawlspaces, is needed, so a professional is the best bet for these injections. 

The injections also must reach a certain depth of a surface and be of a consistency that will deter seepage. It is more of a science than waterproofing paints. 

Costs of Negative Side Waterproofing in Lancaster, PA 

There is no real set standard here, only averages. Even simple costs of waterproofing paint will depend on the area involved. The hourly rate of the waterproofing company chosen is of utmost importance. 

The average rate for the waterproofing materials alone can range from $3 to $7. Free evaluations should be sought as reputable companies that are licensed and insured will offer this. Warranties can also exist. 

Summary—Negative Side Waterproofing in Lancaster, PA 

The fall is a great time to consider waterproofing basements, foundations, window wells, and, of course, crawlspaces. With winter closing in and, of course, the rainy season of September being upon Lancaster, PA, a phone call or free evaluation is advised for any homeowner. 

Runoffs will occur with each build-up of snow and water. Basement Gurus, LLC stands ready to provide free evaluations and works within anyone’s budget. With 13 years in business and 5-star Google reviews, this company only practices the best techniques and stands by all work that is done. 

Simply call 1-800-834-8584 or fill out the quick and easy form on the website. Having a dry, mold and mildew-free basement is easy and affordable in Lancaster, PA.