Total Basement Waterproofing in Lancaster Deters Damages 

Lancaster, PA, is generally mild in climate for the state of PA. However, PA is known for wild climate changes. A drought can be followed by a period of intense and constant drenching rains. This does lead to the flooding of many basements and crawlspaces, especially those above the water table. 

A good example of this was when Hurricane IDA hit Lancaster County unexpectedly in August 2019. IDA was a category four hurricane and the second most damaging to Lancaster County after Hurricane Katrina. The amounts of rainfall soaked the ground and infiltrated many homes causing serious damage. 

As of June 23, 2023, Lancaster Online is again issuing flood warnings for Lancaster County based on several days of rain and predictions by the National Weather Service. Damages caused by significant water in a basement can linger unknownst to property owners long after the initial flood waters are cleared out. 

Mold, mildew, fungus, and even foundation damage can occur without a system of waterproofing that entails both inside and outside drainage systems to prevent dampness, water, and humidity build-up. August is also aBasement waterproofing, lancaster, PA humid month in Lancaster County, so homeowners need to prepare and set up systems now to prevent damage to properties.

What is Total Basement/Crawlspace Waterproofing? 

Total waterproofing includes the inside and outside of a property. It includes the window wells and, of course, any crawlspaces, plus the entire basement area. Exterior and interior waterproofing is recommended for properties in low-water table areas as these are more prone to flooding. 

  •    Water removal

If a basement is indeed flooded or has ongoing issues with seepage, it is, of course, rational to remove the water first and dry out the area. This includes the use of a sump pump, which can be installed for continuous water control.

It also includes the use of fans, clothes, and dehumidifiers. All objects stored in a basement or crawlspace must be removed. Disposing of severely damaged items might be necessary. Mold can start to form within 24 hours after water seepage, so time is of the essence in water removal. The appearance of mold is not apparent to the naked eye for about 48 hours, and it grows faster in the dark. 

  •    Exterior waterproofing 

This entails sealing all cracks and crevices outside a property, as well as sealing window wells and any seams outside on the foundation. Cement, sealants, glues, and paints are generally used either alone or in conjunction with each other. 

A thorough inspection of the exterior must occur before sealing any cracks, crevices, or seams. A drainage system might be recommended, and gutters and drainpipes are also inspected since seepage can occur in various ways outside a property. 

  •    Interior waterproofing

This follows almost the same procedures as exterior waterproofing. Inspections are done, but sump pumps and fans are more recommended than an inside drainage system, although these can also be recommended. 

Some slopes of basements contribute to the “pooling” of water, and then a drainage system can be useful, leading the water through a basement back into the ground outside. 

Costs of a Total Basement/Crawlspace Waterproofing

This is determined solely by the actual square footage of a property, both inside and out. On average, a 1000 sq. ft. basement can cost about 3 to 9 dollars per sq. ft. This is an investment in a property, though, as good waterproofing can last anywhere from 5 to 20 years.

Property owners can choose only interior waterproofing and do the exterior later on after a flood or seepage. However, total waterproofing does increase the value of a property. Lancaster County includes many townships and municipalities and has a varied and diverse water table, so this is a consideration.

The quality of the materials used can determine the lifespan of waterproofing. Some areas with a high water table will need to be waterproofed more often. Only a professional with significant experience can advise property owners of the lengths to which waterproofing will last.

Summary—Total Basement Waterproofing in Lancaster Deters Damages

Waterproofing/dampproofing is not something many property owners consider until a flood or consistent water seepage occurs. However, it is insidious. Besides the fact that mold, mildew, and fungus can invade the entire basement or crawlspace, a foundation can be impaired and lead to extensive repairs both inside and outside a property. 

There is also the cost of flood insurance which does exist in some portions with a high water table and a history of flooding. Insurance can be mandatory in areas with high water tables, and any claim will drive up the costs of the yearly insurance premium. 

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