Like most homes in the USA, Lancaster, PA, residences do generally have basements or, in some cases, crawl spaces. Both are underground and, therefore, prone to seepage of groundwater and water from other problems such as leaking or broken pipes. Although there is not as much snow as in other areas of PA, groundwater seepage can still occur. Heavy rains are of particular concern, as the ground can only absorb so much water at once. 

Surprisingly enough, a drought that is followed by heavy torrential rain leads to more seepage as the water runs off the ground and into basements and crawl spaces rather than being absorbed. This leads to the need for basement waterproofing as even one thorough soaking of a basement or crawlspace can have a significant impact. Add to this the fact that sometimes seepage is slow and undetectable until an odor is noticed, which indicates mold or mildew growth. 

 According to Lancaster Online, there can be years when the average rainfall is tremendous. This year, March of 2023, is seeing quite a bit of rain, so the question of keeping a basement or crawlspace dry and waterproofed is on many homeowners’ minds. So far in March, the average rainfall is 3.78 inches, which is generally higher than usual. This does lead to the distress of having a wet basement or crawl space that needs waterproofing, with possible mold remediation. Even prior dry spaces can be impacted. Immediate water removal is, of course, a priority, but checking for mold or fungus is also necessary as it can be hidden from view. Cracks, crevices, and walls need to be checked for mold or fungus.  

Why Should a Basement & Crawlspace Be Waterproofed? 

While a wet basement or crawlspace is inconvenient, it can also present dangerous health conditions and have other negative ramifications.

Mold and mildew hazards

There are many types of mold and mildew. None are good for the health of residents in a property. Both are types of fungi. Mold is more insidious as it burrows into the walls of damp spaces making removal harder. Mildew is lighter in color and only surface contained. mold, remediation, mold contractor

While there are over 200,000 species of mold and mildew, black mold is the most well-known and the most unhealthy. While each individual might experience different health effects from black mold, it does creep into drywall and even pipes and heating equipment. Mold can build up around electrical equipment as well. 

Since it is not always easily seen immediately, it can find its way throughout a home once it starts in the lowest level of a property. The risk of black mold developing increases when humidity and temperature rise. 

The summer months in Lancaster, PA, and surrounding areas can be very humid and quite warm. The warmth and humidity contribute to the botanical splendor, but there is a tradeoff in absorbing unwanted water underground. 

  • Destruction of valuables

Most individuals use basements or crawlspaces for storage. When a basement or crawlspace constantly takes on water or even simply encounters a large amount of water occasionally, precious keepsakes and paperwork can be lost. Even a small trickle of water eventually destroys what is stored. The white fungus can appear on paperwork and valuables and can be a first sign of water issues. There is also a very dank smell that usually appears.

  • Depreciation of property values

When selling a property, the look of a property matters tremendously. A home might look attractive to prospective buyers until they enter a basement or crawlspace and notice either mold or staining on walls from water seepage.

According to “This Old House,” as many as 60 percent of sales can be lost when buyers notice any signs of dampness. Not knowing how much dampness or mold exists behind walls or if any structural damage has occurred because of the seepage can scare off prospective buyers.

Water seepage can many times be subject to disclosure during a listing or sale of a home, the same as any other damages to property. A buyer can either then negotiate a lower price or abandon their offer. This translates into a monetary loss for a homeowner.

Summary—Basement\Crawlspace Waterproofing Facts 

The facts are evident that several conditions, in general, do lead to a need for waterproofing. This should occur on both the interior and exterior. All cracks should be sealed and water removed ASAP. Outside foundations should be checked, as well as the inside of basements and crawlspaces.

Unfortunately, many homeowners tend to put the basement or crawlspace in the back of their minds. Cost is a factor in this sometimes. Basement Waterproofing Gurus has over three decades of experience and affordable prices. All technicians are thoroughly trained and licensed.

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A home is a most valuable asset. Protect it today with a waterproofed basement or crawlspace. Home care starts from the “bottom-up”!

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