South Jersey Winter Storms Impacts Basement and Crawlspace Waterproofing

South Jersey generally does not see a lot of snow, but it does happen. And when it snows, it really snows! Unlike other parts of New Jersey, South Jersey can have more snow than other areas. 

With more waterways and, of course, the coastal line, the precipitation can pick up quickly as the temperature drops. According to the National Weather Service, although there was relatively little snow last year, we have already seen one major storm in this area this year. 

Another is predicted for the week of Valentine’s Day by forecasters at the Emergency Services Division located in Mount Holly, NJ. There are predictions for more snow, rain, and ice throughout February. 

The amount and types of precipitation are yet to be seen, and how much is debatable. However, homeowners in the area should always be prepared with updated and inspected basement and crawlspace waterproofing, as this area does see a lot of quick and torrential rainfall. 

With Basement Gurus available for emergencies and routine inspections, acquiring basement and crawlspace waterproofing is quick and affordable in SJ. 

Waterways and oceanic currents do cause factors that contribute to flooded basements, damp and humid crawlspaces, and even severe foundational damage. If a property is located near the ocean, it goes to reason that ocean water is corrosive because of its salt composition. This does require vigilance and excellent waterproofing by homeowners. 

A shocking 35 kgs of salt per kg of ocean water is recorded by the Oceanic Institute. Rainfall, ice, and snow occur when water is pulled from the earth’s waterways into the clouds above, and the salt content and other particulates go “along for the ride.” 

Reasons Winter Storms Impact Basement and Crawlspace Waterproofing in South Jersey 

  •    Caustic and corrosive water from rain, snow, and ice

This was mentioned above. It can never be dismissed, however, as even a waterproof basement and crawlspace needs a regular evaluation as the waterproofing is subjected to the causticity of the water that floods the area.

Basement Gurus with years of experience in the area do offer a free evaluation of all waterproofing, and this should be done at least yearly. Any tiny crack will enlarge when exposed to salt water. Any waterproofing paint can peel faster.

Just pour salt on a tiny cut on your hand or elsewhere, and the result is stinging! Salt is a powerful and corrosive chemical. 

  •    The force of the flooding that occurs 

Homes can be buffeted by flood waters that have extreme pressure behind them. Coastal flooding, of course, is the worst, but many waterways, plus the ocean in SJ, are near homes that overflow with a tremendous amount of pressure and little to NO warning! 

Sump pumps are common, as are “pedestal homes,” which are built above the water table, but all waterproofing efforts need constant monitoring and evaluation. Basement Gurus offer this free to residents. 

Just stand in the waves at high tide and watch yourself get pushed over. Homes in SJ feel this impact! Pressurized flooding such as this needs extreme attention to detail and the finest approach to basement and crawlspace waterproofing that will last, ensuring money savings. 

  •    Land erosion by waterways and surrounding homes

This can vary from year to year, but land erosion does occur to some degree. The more surrounding land is eroded, the greater the chance of water escaping over the water table and into a home. 

Older homes can be sitting in place for decades, thus increasing natural sinkage and, of course, erosion of the land upon which they were built. A good evaluation of land erosion should be done, and steps should be taken to build up the land upon which a home is sitting to avoid not just flooding but actual structural problems inside and outside a home. 

Summary–South Jersey Winter Storms Impacts Basement and Crawlspace Waterproofing

Homeowners in SJ and the surrounding areas are very proud of what they consider a “vintage showpiece.” These do come with more responsibility because of the older styles of construction. They have different types of basement and crawlspace waterproofing needs. 

Basement Gurus specialize in this particular area and possess licensed and trained technicians to assess and address basement and crawlspace waterproofing problems in older homes. 

All it takes is a quick and thorough free evaluation or a phone call to ensure that flooding does not ruin the beauty and actual real estate value of property owners of older homes. 

A phone call is welcome: 1-800-834-6584, even if only to discuss the easy financing options.