South Jersey Winter Preparation for Flooding Issues in Basements/Crawlspaces

As beautiful as South Jersey is with its beaches and, of course, waterways and many ocean-front properties, flooding of basements and crawlspaces remains a concern for property owners, especially in the winter.  

South Jersey can see snow, sleet, and ice buildup, plus torrential rains that follow. While flooding is possible all year long, the possibility does increase in the winter in South Jersey. There are contributing factors during winter, such as high winds, warmer temperatures that melt snow and ice faster, and excessive soil erosion as a result of these factors. 

Coastal properties are more at risk, as are those along the waterways. South Jersey, in fact, issues a Coastal Flood Advisory all year long as a means to warn property owners of upcoming flooding. News stations throughout South Jersey, as of early January 2024, were routinely warning of storms and flooding. 

Even sand dunes in South Jersey can experience erosion. Sand dunes protect properties from flooding, but when erosion occurs, then properties become at risk. Drains around properties can also experience sinkage due to erosion. 

It is wise for homeowners to contact Basement Gurus, LLC, for a free evaluation of the basement and crawlspace waterproofing before problems arise. What the “Gurus” will do is check every inch of the interior and exterior of a property for any cracks, crevices, slopes, or drainage problems that will lead to seepage. 

Basements/Crawlspaces in South Jersey Evaluations for Winter Preparation

These include the following thoroughness, which is needed since winter is the time when most basements and crawlspaces are at risk of flooding in this area. 

  •    Joint inspection

Joints, especially as the home ages, can develop cracks or become misaligned. This is simply due to settling, and most homeowners are not aware of this occurrence. Unfortunately, a great deal of water can seep in through misaligned or cracked joints. 

  •    Wall inspection 

Both interior and exterior foundation walls can, like joints, develop cracks, and even minor cracks allow a great deal of seepage into basements and crawlspaces. Some cracks are so tiny they are hardly noticeable, but depending upon the location, they can allow a lot of water into a basement or crawlspace. Sealants are used to fill in cracks, and paint can also be used to finalize the sealing process. 

  •    Stair inspection

Outside stairs in brick-and-mortar properties are the focus here, as these also deteriorate with age and allow seepage to occur. Most homeowners might spot the cracks in the stairs and notice water in a basement and crawlspace, but never realize that the stairs outside are part of the problem, if not the entire problem. 

  •    Landscape inspection

Any outside areas of a yard or surrounding earth, if terribly soggy, means water will soon seep into the basement and crawlspaces. It is only a matter of time. Continual landscape seepage and pooling create erosion, which exacerbates the problem. Many types of drains, trenches, and dugouts with systems in place can eliminate landscape pooling and seepage problems. 

  •    Slope inspection 

A measurement of the slope is usually done as water should flow away from a property naturally. Improving slope or installing drains and other methods may be used by Basement Gurus, LLC in South Jersey. Slopes erode as time goes on, and what once was a good slope can now mean it becomes a “water trap.” 

  •    Window well inspection 

Like joints and walls, sinkage happens, and pulling away from the foundation can occur. Even a tiny shift in a window well causes more seepage than anyone imagines. Not only does water seep in through window wells, but cold also does, and humidity increases. 

  •    Sump pump inspection

Even if a sump pump exists, it can need repair or replacement. Each component is checked and analyzed to ensure proper functioning, especially with the battery. Batteries do wear out even though most sump pumps last for decades.

Conclusion– South Jersey Winter Preparation for Flooding Issues in Basements/Crawlspaces

South Jersey is a premier place to live, not only in the summer season but all year round. Water seepage in basements and crawlspaces is a continuing problem, though, but it becomes more of a problem with snow, ice, rain, and wind during the winter. 

Basement Gurus are always ready to assist in keeping basements and crawlspaces dry and healthy. Floods will happen occasionally, but preparation is key. Simply fill out the form on the website or call 1-800-834-6584. 

No homeowner needs to worry about taking on water in a basement or crawlspace in South Jersey, not when the “Gurus” are available to assist, no matter how or when water in a basement or crawlspace becomes a problem.