Outside Drainage Solutions for York, PA, to Prevent Damp Basements & Crawlspaces 

Winter is upon the residents of York, PA, and of course, a damp basement or crawlspace is prone to making a home colder, as well as being a health hazard because of mold, mildew, and other fungi

York, PA, according to the NIDIS (National Integrated Drought Information System), provided through the State of PA, updates show that as of December 1, 2023, York, unlike other locations, is experiencing drought conditions.

This means that although snow, rain, and sleet make for more pleasant conditions outdoors, with Winter weather approaching, the drought will end, and the ground will become saturated with water quickly. This water will indeed find its way to the outside of foundations first of homeowners before seeping into the basements and crawlspaces.

Since it is possible during a drought to do outside contracting and work more conveniently and quickly, now is a great time for York residents to consider outside drainage solutions to waterproof basements and crawlspaces. Needless to say, keeping water out of a basement or crawlspace is the first step in waterproofing.

Basement Gurus, LLC has served the York area for decades with the finest solutions in basement and crawlspace waterproofing systems. Inside and outside evaluations are offered, starting many times with the outside, especially in drought conditions.

Pooled water will eventually occur, and this is a concern not many homeowners consider. Evaluations are free, and 0% financing options are available. Predictions by the National Weather Service do estimate a colder, snowier, and overall wetter winter for York, PA, this year, so doing outside foundational drainage solutions should be a consideration.

With preliminary predictions for colder weather and possible snow by Weather US for York on New Year’s Day and into the rest of January, a deluge of any type of precipitation will be snow or sleet and, once melted, will then not be absorbed easily by the ground, leaving outside foundations exposed to damage.

Types of Outside Drainage Solutions for York, PA 

Depending upon the land table and location of a home, there are many solutions for outside drainage that Basement Gurus, LLC may present during the free evaluation this company provides.

Whole yard drainage solutions

This is a series of trenches, French drains, and other types of water alleviation that pull water away from yards that suffer from excessive flooding and, of course, serious pooling of water. The water is drawn down by systems into one location into a main drain, keeping the water away from that foundation and other structures such as sheds or patios. It also preserves the landscaping and prevents the whole yard from “mudding.” The slope must be exact and is critical to success.

Downspout extensions or replacements

Downspouts take water away from the home where it is pooling. Some homes need a system of downspouts, others only a single one. These lead to a drain and are generally simple for a basement waterproofing company

Replacement should occur when the downspouts become old and weathered, as water is not moving through them correctly at this point.

Threshold drains

These types of drains in basement waterproofing are used outside on hard surfaces. These are what the name implies and are used in front of any entrance to a property that is experiencing flooding or pooling.

They must be completely level, and many types of materials can be used. There must be a drainage system in place that allows the water to flow into it. While not the usual type of drain, any homeowner who experiences threshold flooding or pooling knows how frustrating it can be.

The entrances to basements with a door, being below ground, can have this problem. Wading or jumping over a pool of water is cumbersome at best when entering a basement through a doorway.

Conclusion—Outside Drainage Solutions for York, PA, to Prevent Damp Basements/Crawlspaces  

Taking care of an outside drainage problem needs to be a priority, as much damage can occur to a foundation. This is not immediately noticeable, and homeowners should be on the lookout for any pooled water around the foundation of their homes.

Basement Gurus, LLC provides extensive outside drainage solutions at an affordable price. Licensed and insured, there is 0% financing available and a free evaluation. Decades of experience and five-star reviews make this company the one to call in the York, PA, area.  Simply fill out the form on the website or call 1-800-834-6584.

Enjoy the winter in a dry basement and healthy home through basement and crawlspace waterproofing both inside and outside!