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    Subfloor is the structural component that lies between the floor and the foundation of a building. It works as a base for the finished floor providing it the strength to stand strong for a long time.

    The materials and quality of the subfloor to be chosen are determined based on their compatibility with the installation techniques for which there is a need for professional subflooring in Middletown, PA. Basement Gurus is the reliable choice for professional subflooring systems in Middletown, PA. A sturdy subfloor determines the strength of the floor and the amount of weight it can carry. Wrongly installed subfloors can lead to structural issues, squeaking, sagging, and instability in the entire floor.

    Why choose Basement Gurus for subfloors in Middletown, PA?

    Licensed and insured

    The experts at Basement Gurus are trained as per the industry standards to work with structural problems. They are accountable and ensure that the work is completed safely and according to the highest standards. Liability insurance protects the client and the property from being responsible for any damages due to any mishap while the work is going on.

    Customized subflooring

    The conditions of each property and the needs of every client are distinct and our team gives you the solutions made specifically for you. We aim to provide tailor-made solutions that may prevent any basement-related problems from occurring in the future to the best of our ability.

    Latest equipment and technology

    The trained and certified technicians have the knowledge and expertise to use the latest technology and tools resulting in high-quality work. Our technicians are trained to use the essential safety equipment so that the work is done smoothly without any injuries or accidents.

    Professional transportation

    For our basement services, we use professional drivers and vehicles to ensure high-quality work. Our drivers are trained and experienced to handle the transportation of high-end equipment safely.


    Our team of experts communicates honestly with the clients. We conduct a free inspection of the site and explain in detail the work to be done to help you make an informed decision for the basement according to your requirements.

    Emergency services

    In case of emergency situations, we are just a call away. Our team of experts dedicated to handling issues that may arise suddenly is ever ready to assess and solve the situation effectively and quickly.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long is the process of subflooring in Middletown, PA?

    The time taken to install a subfloor system in Middletown varies based on factors such as the area to be covered, the degree of existing water damage in the basement, and if there are any specific needs of the client. Generally, the installation may take a few days to a week. At Basement Gurus, we communicate with the client and explain the process in a time-bound manner.

    What are the benefits of subflooring the basement?

    Basements are most prone to damage because of water logging and moisture which may further cause mildew, mold, and cracks. Subfloor is the extra layer that keeps the moisture away and keeps the flooring intact for longer, saving money on basement maintenance. It keeps the basement insulated during winter and provides soundproofing if you want to use your basement as a music room or a home theater.

    Do I require a subfloor for my basement?

    Subfloor is an additional layer between the foundation and floor that renders additional strength to the building. It works as a barrier that prevents moisture from seeping in, creates an even and sturdy foundation for the installation of flooring material, and provides insulation. Maintaining the property well allows you to decorate it without any worries and helps increase its value in the long run.

    What are the types of subfloor systems in Middletown, PA available?

    The most common types of subflooring include – plywood and existing hardwoods, concrete, oriented strand board (OSB), and high-performance panels. Different types of subflooring are suitable for different conditions that can be determined with the help of a professional team of experts. That is why one should consult a professional to decide the type of subflooring that is best suited for them. Basement Gurus provides a professional solution for basement subflooring in Middletown, PA.

    Will subflooring even out my basement floor?

    The uneven floor is leveled as much as possible prior to subflooring. This ensures better installation of the subflooring system and in turn provides a flat surface for the flooring material for the final look.

    Licensed & INsured

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