Basement and Crawlspace Waterproofing Runoff Facts 

The area of South Jersey contains particular locations and, of course, wet basement and crawlspace problems as a result. An area below I-95, the counties that exist here are Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, and Salem.

Each county can have different issues with drainage, flooding, and seepage into basements and crawlspaces. Successfully waterproofing basements and crawlspaces in this area requires a strategic plan not only for initial waterproofing but also for long-term dryness.

Needless to say, the proximity of some properties to the Atlantic Ocean can be a factor in the need for waterproofing, while other counties can find slope and drainage issues to be the need for professional waterproofing.

Basement Gurus, LLC, with decades of experience in basement and crawlspace waterproofing solutions, offers a free estimate and knows the exact needs of each property, no matter which county it is located in in the South Jersey area.

Water runoff problems exist, as well as the issue of unexpected flooding depending upon proximity to the ocean and the amount of rain, ice, or snow that falls quickly. Groundwater runoff becomes a problem when precipitation exceeds the capacity of the ground to absorb the excess water.

In addition to protecting a home from water runoff, the State of New Jersey, through the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), also has environmental and pollution concerns, which makes it imperative to use a contractor that is knowledgeable in the laws governing municipal water runoffs.

Runoff problems that lead to wet basements and crawlspaces can cause interior and exterior damage to properties. Some damage might be more extensive than other types and cause not just mold and mildew but also foundational damage and serious damage eventually to floors and walls.

Basement Gurus, LLC can address either large or small problems and also offer emergency services when flooding or extreme runoff causes basements and crawlspaces to take on a great deal of water quickly.

Some Solutions to Basement and Crawlspace Runoff Problems in South Jersey

Depending upon the amount of runoff and the location of the property, the solutions must match the need. Below is a list of possible solutions.

  •    Interior solutions

Using sump pumps to remove water either immediately or continuously. Installing interior drains and dehumidifiers, as well as coating basement walls with waterproofing paint and/or sealants, does help. Fixing any interior foundational wall cracks and removing mold and mildew in crawlspaces is also necessary to maintain a dry and healthy basement.

Basement flooring is also checked, as cracks in flooring allow water into a basement. If carpeted, the state of the carpet is explored, and if it is damp, removal might be deemed necessary.

Dehumidifiers are a great solution to controlling interior moisture buildup both inside a basement and also with a crawlspace. These control the amount of moisture that can creep in and are affordable solutions to keeping underground structures dry.

  •    Exterior solutions

These always include a thorough inspection of window wells, cracks, slopes, and even gutters that might be leading to the pooling of water. All cracks and openings leading into the basement or crawlspace must be sealed. Like with interior waterproofing, exterior sealants of foundational walls can be recommended.

All types of drains may be suggested depending upon the location and problems with slope. Landscaping issues that are causing a problem might be addressed. Gutter problems that lead to pooled water around a foundation will be discussed, as this can tie into the problem of insufficient basement and crawlspace waterproofing.

Systems of piping that lead water away from a home can be needed, or the problem with pooling water will continue and eventually make the foundation of a home unstable.

Conclusion–South Jersey Basement and Crawlspace Waterproofing Runoff Facts

South Jersey is beautiful and scenic, with the ocean and well-kept homes. Home values are high, though, especially in the ocean communities, so basement and crawlspace waterproofing is necessary due to the flooding and runoff issues. Maintaining a property’s value is paramount to residents here.

Finding a vetted, licensed, and insured basement and crawlspace waterproofing company that is also affordable is not difficult, though, as Basement Gurus, LLC services this area. A free evaluation exists, and there are financing options.

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