South Jersey Basement and Crawlspace

Flood Facts and Solutions  

As most individuals know, South Jersey is a mix of agricultural, industrial, and, of course, a tourist attraction in some counties because of the proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. The Jersey area also has many rivers and other waterways, and the combination of factors increases the possibility of quick basement flooding.

Any basement or crawlspace that is flooded quickly or remains damp with high humidity levels is a risk for the growth of mold, mildew, and fungus, as well as heat loss and damage to a foundation. Heat loss occurs as dampness creates an environment for cold air to penetrate the upper floors of a home.

Basement Gurus, LLC has serviced the South Jersey area for decades with affordable and quality basement and crawlspace waterproofing solutions, can respond quickly to any emergency, and provides basement and crawlspace “audits,” ensuring that water remains outside a home.

Many newspapers, including the Courier Post, reported that although no snow fell last week in South Jersey, the rainfalls were heavy enough to close many roads. This does signify that many basements were also inundated with a significant amount of water.

Flood Facts in South Jersey Basements and Crawlspaces

Besides being underground, basements and crawlspaces in South Jersey flood or remain damp for many reasons:

  • Heavy rains

In a coastal area, water is absorbed into the atmosphere quickly, and thunderstorms can occur with drenching rains within a few minutes. The drenching rains cause not just runoff but also ground deterioration.

  • Geography

The sheer number of rivers and creeks, plus the ocean, is a contributing factor to basement and crawlspace flooding and seepage. South Jersey is famous for its beaches and waterways, but this is a double-edged sword.

  • Climate Change

This makes complete sense, as even a small increase in temperature leads to more moisture and evaporation in the air. Not all scientists or individuals agree on the effects or degree of climate change, but it should be taken into consideration if living in a coastal South Jersey home.

  • Settling/Subsidence

The lower a basement or crawlspace is, the more dampness and water will enter it. Naturally, gravity plays a factor in all subsidence. However, land erosion does, too, and the more it rains, the more the land erodes, leading to a home that is lower and more underground than when it was first purchased.

  • High tides

Basement flooding and crawlspace seepage occur due to high tides in mostly the coastal counties in South Jersey. High tides also cause erosion, and this can eventually cause severe structural damage. Interior and exterior basement and crawlspace waterproofing is always recommended for coastal properties.

Solutions in South Jersey for Flooded Basements

The reality is that winter, especially January, is called a “shift season,” as this is when homeowners are preparing for seepage and dampness, plus actual downright flooding. Although Basement Gurus, LLC is, of course, always there for homeowners who experience an unexpected flood, there is also the need for prevention.

Preventive measures and, of course, actual flooding involved the following:

  • Sump Pumps 

These can either be interior or exterior or sometimes both. In cases of flooding, these are installed immediately. The choice of a pedestal pump or submersed pump is usually discussed with the homeowner. Battery backups are also discussed, as many homes can experience backup failures of sump pumps that are already installed.

  • Interior and exterior sealants

Sealants provide both insulation and waterproofing of crawlspaces. The sealants are a true “must-have” for complete protection. Believe it or not, the sealants are also often applied to a basement’s ceiling as this can be a forgotten portion where dampness and water intrusion can hide. Since the basement ceiling is directly under a home’s floor, then this is a big deal when not attended to or evaluated.

  • Removal of saturated carpeting and stored items

Yes, unfortunately, it is necessary to rid oneself of any carpeting or stored items. Once soaked, these items, whether in a crawlspace or basement, will keep it damp and lead to mold, mildew, and fungus. All mold, mildew, and fungus can be removed effectively by Basement Gurus, LLC, but it requires the removal of any wet items.

  • Drain and drain pipe installation.

Again, this is an interior and exterior solution, as directing water toward a drain keeps the basements and crawlspaces dry. Window wells are also protected from exterior intrusion if water is not allowed entry through pooling around these. Drains are a lifesaver when it comes to preventing water seepage and flooding.

Summary– South Jersey Basement and Crawlspace Flood Facts and Solutions

The South Jersey area is indeed beautiful and has many gorgeous homes with proud homeowners. The water seepage problem has always existed, however, and a wise homeowner does take measures to prevent this.

Basement Gurus, LLC, with decades of experience, takes seriously the job of keeping South Jersey basements and crawlspaces dry. The “Gurus” do offer financing and, of course, a free evaluation with emergency services available.

This company is and always will be “The Number One Choice for Wet Basement Solutions!”

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