Outdoor Sump Pump Facts in South Jersey Basement/Crawlspace Waterproofing

South Jersey, with the ocean and many waterways, can pose a challenge to homeowners in keeping basements and crawlspaces dry. While most homeowners do have indoor waterproofing and even some outdoor waterproofing, homes that become seriously flooded after heavy rain or ice and snow melts can need extra evaluation, especially around the perimeter of a home. 

While many solutions are simple, such as the installation of French Drains, piping, slope adjustments, and the filling of any newly excavated soil that is causing pooling, depending upon the number of times a home becomes flooded, an outdoor sump pump may need to be installed. Solutions for outdoor pooling can be backfilling or filling with shale, but this may not be enough for some homes, depending upon location. 

This can be a novel solution for homeowners, and many might be skeptical as to its effectiveness, especially if an indoor sump pump already exists. Sump pumps, either indoor or outdoor, can be inground or above ground, but a certified, licensed, and insured company with decades of experience needs to conduct a thorough evaluation.  

Basement Guus is five-star rated and can present the facts on outdoor sump pump installation and also install these at a reasonable cost. This team of professionals is available for 24/7 emergencies and “near me,” making them the perfect choice for the intricacies of outdoor sump pumps and pooling water around the foundation solutions. 

Installation Facts of Outdoor Sump Pumps in South Jersey

Some homeowners opt for an outdoor sump pump without an indoor sump pump, as there simply may not be enough room in the interior for one, depending upon the basement size. Some homes in South Jersey can be built upon a platform or stilts without a basement and water pools underneath. 

Care is needed when installing an outdoor sump pump, and the units should be tailored in size and operation and must be protected and monitored. A few “must-haves” by a knowledgeable, professional team such as Basement Gurus are as follows: 

  • Perfect installation of the sump pump outdoors

This counts indoors as well, but water in flood areas especially plummets down to a home outside first. Outdoor sump pumps really need the finest installation possible to protect a foundation and, of course, keep water from entering a home. 

  • Protecting the sump pump from the elements

An outdoor sump pump is, of course, outdoors and subjected to the elements. This is a given, and there are many methods of protection, such as tarps, tenting, and, of course, waterproofing the sump pump itself. 

  • Proper drainage around the sump pump 

This can include piping and other methods, as a sump pump can experience an onslaught of pooling just as any other area of a home can around a foundation. 

  • Proper positioning of the sump pump discharge pipe

The discharge pipe must be installed in such a way as to lead the water/flooding away from the home, not towards it. This includes assessing any window wells or crawlspaces that might be in proximity to the outdoor sump pump.  

  • Consistent monitoring of the battery and functioning of the sump pump 

The reality is that although all sump pumps work hard, especially in flood areas, outdoor ones can be put to the test even harder. Basement Gurus will always be on hand to provide evaluation and monitoring of any outdoor sump pumps so that a non-functioning sump pump will not be a concern even when outdoors. 

Summary–Outdoor Sump Pump Facts in South Jersey Basement/Crawlspace Waterproofing

South Jersey has many different types of land designations, with a few more high land table areas. Overall, it is a humid, rather water-prone, and flood-risk area. Most residents know this and take the proper basement and crawlspace waterproofing measures as the residents are “home proud.” 

Outdoor sump pumps can be a true solution for those individuals who are located in the most flood-prone areas or who do not have space in a basement for a sump pump and struggle with waterproofing the basement and the crawlspace. 

Basement Gurus, with a long-standing knowledge of the area and decades of experience, offer a free evaluation via a form on the website. Phone calls are also welcomed, and emergency services exist since weather and storms in this area are quite unpredictable and sudden! 

Keep water from ruining your property, and get in touch with the “Gurus of South Jersey” today. Prompt and affordable service is only a phone call away: 1-800-834-6584.

Peace of mind awaits!