Foundation repair in Linglestown, PA

We, Basement Waterproofing Gurus, have been the prominent foundation repair service provider in Linglestown, PA, for 30 years. Our well-built list of clients is not an exception. 

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    Foundation Repair Company In Linglestown PA

    We also assist them with our post-repair service, which is free of charge for one year. We are among the early start-up foundation repair companies in Linglestown, PA.


    Our well-trained technical staff helps our customers fix any type of basement foundation issue. Our mission is to satisfy our clients with our outstanding services. We do not leave the place until the client is satisfied.

    Why Choose Us: Foundation Repair Services In Linglestown PA

    Quality Products

    We are committed to using quality materials that will last a long time with no complaints. The material is lab tested and has undergone various tests under low to high temperature ranges. 

    Timely Communications

    We provide seamless communication with the customers and work within the time frame agreed upon by both parties. We provide timely updates to our customers with no delay.


    Post-service support

    We provide one-year free service post-repair work, which is followed by our easy-going AMC (Annual Maintenance charge) plans. AMC is totally optional; however, we have included various other short plans keeping the requirements of customers in mind.

    On-time delivery

    At Basement Waterproofing Gurus, we complete our projects on time; however, we are also well known for delivering them ahead of schedule. Customer satisfaction is our prime goal, and we never let down our customers.

    Customized plan

    We also provide tailor-made solutions and modify the plans based on the requirements.


    We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to support our customers. We provide our services in housing societies, single homes, multistory buildings, and commercial complexes.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does foundation repair take?

    The duration of foundation repair depends on the severity of the problem, the size of the property, and the chosen repair method. Minor foundation repairs may be completed within a few days, while more complex issues may take several weeks. During the consultation, we will provide you with an estimated timeline based on the specific repairs required.

    Does foundation repair come with a warranty?

    The foundation repair duration depends on the problem’s severity, the property’s size, and the chosen repair method. Minor foundation repairs may be completed within a few days, while more complex issues may take several weeks. During the consultation, we will provide an estimated timeline based on the required repairs.

      What causes foundation issues?

      Foundation problems can be caused by various factors, including soil movement, poor construction, inadequate drainage, plumbing leaks, tree root intrusion, and natural disasters such as earthquakes or floods. Understanding the underlying cause is crucial for determining the appropriate foundation repair solution.

      What types of foundation repairs do you offer?

      We offer a range of foundation repair solutions tailored to address different types of foundation issues. This may include foundation crack repair, underpinning with helical or push piers, slab jacking, or other stabilization methods. Our experts will assess the specific needs of your foundation and recommend the most suitable repair method.

      How do I know if I need foundation repair?

      Common signs that indicate the need for foundation repair include cracks in the foundation walls, uneven or sloping floors, doors and windows that stick or don’t close properly, gaps between walls and the ceiling or floor, and visible signs of foundation settling or shifting. If you notice any of these signs, it’s important to have a professional inspection to assess the condition of your foundation.

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