Basement and Crawlspace Waterproofing Facts in York, PA 

Founded in 1749, York, PA is the York County seat. It is a general mix of agricultural and business operations and a dream for commuters as it is close to Lancaster and Maryland through State Highway 851. It is considered a mid-sized area with a population of approximately 45,000. 

Many homeowners in York do have basements and crawlspaces, as York is now also in the midst of the most recent real estate boom. From 2021 to 2023, prices on homes, as everywhere else in the country, have tripled. In addition, more rentals are sought, as are “inlaw” suites, and finished basements lead themselves well to these uses. 

The rise of finished basements has also risen due to inflation as a basement rental unit provides a much-needed extra income not just in York, PA, but nationally. York homes are typically rather expensive, so this is a good way to cut back on the costs of a property today. 

Of course, any basement or crawlspace, especially a finished one, must be waterproofed thoroughly to remain habitable and protect valuables. While York is not prone to much flooding, it has occurred suddenly over the past few years during hurricanes. Hurricanes cause too much groundwater at once and overflow rivers. 

Flash flooding occurs in York, PA, when hurricanes hit as they can be arid and not absorb a great quantity of water quickly. According to the USGS (United States Ground Water Survey), different sections of York, PA, are more prone to basement and crawlspace seepage and flooding. 

This can vary from year to year, but winter can bring unexpected rain, snow, and sleet, which adds to the problem. Flooding, of course, does happen intermittently as the Susquehanna River flows alongside York.

This is where a company with decades of experience, such as Basement Gurus, LLC, should be called for a free evaluation of every home that has a basement or crawlspace. Only a true expert can tell what measures need to be taken to prevent flooding and seepage into a basement or crawlspace. 

Sudden flooding and groundwater malabsorption can lead to extreme damage. Property owners might not realize the dangers until damages do occur. Even without a basement, crawlspaces that store valuables can lead to mold, mildew, and other unhealthy environments within a property. 

It is easy for homeowners and all property owners to overlook basement and crawlspace waterproofing, but this is a recipe for future disaster as flooding and seepage can be quick and quite damaging.

 Some Basement and Crawlspace Waterproofing Facts in York, PA

  • Approximate number of basements in York, PA 

While it is impossible to fully estimate the number of basements in York, PA, the best indicator of the sheer number is by using the figures on basement rentals from Redfin RE, which services a great swath of York and other surrounding areas. 

As of November 23, 2023, Redfin had published 478 basement rentals in York, PA, and this does not include the number of private inlaw “suites” or private rentals, so the number is actually quite higher. 

Without the proper basement waterproofing by Basement Gurus, LLC, any sudden flooding or seepage can be quite catastrophic for both the property owners and those who occupy the finished basements. 

  • Crawlspaces are common in York, PA. 

While there are always “exceptions to every rule,” most homes in York, PA, do have crawlspaces. These can be basement crawlspaces or attic crawlspaces, and the treatment of both is similar yet different. 

All types of homes and residences exist in York, PA, with attached housing, single homes, and multi-family condominium complexes. Crawlspaces do add additional storage, so it would be difficult to find a home without one. 

However, improper ventilation of crawlspaces and the ability to foster mold and mildew do indicate an absolute need to waterproof these. The costs of waterproofing a crawlspace depend upon the size and the damage. All mold, mildew, and fungus must be removed and cracks sealed. 

  • Window wells must be inspected and waterproofed. 

If any window wells are not sealed properly or are loose and need replacement, water will still enter the basement. Depending upon the size and position of the window well, the amount of seepage can be significant. Too often, homeowners do not take into consideration the window well as the source of their water seepage. 

  • A foundation inspection of a home is necessary.

This should be done on the inside of the basement foundation and crawlspace, as well as the outside of the property. It is truly amazing how a small crack can allow a great deal of water to intrude on a property. Many small cracks intensify the problem. Inspection outside ground must be included also to see where water is pooling.

The worst possible scenarios can occur with basement wall foundation cracks and insufficient crawlspace waterproofing. A sturdy foundation and a sealing of crawlspaces ensure a safe home. 

Summary– Basement and Crawlspace Waterproofing Facts in York, PA 

With winter approaching, now is the best time possible to have a free evaluation by Basement Gurus, LLC, to ensure all waterproofing of basements, crawlspaces, foundations, and window wells is done. Inside and outside inspections are necessary in York, PA. 

Financing options exist for any budget, and with decades of experience in waterproofing, this company can be counted on to give the best possible service, as well as the most affordable prices. Basement Gurus, LLC can also be reached at 1-800-834-6584.

A huge selection of services exists, and any seepage problems can be addressed.